Don’t Forget to “Save the Date”


People seem busier than ever, so getting your date on everyone’s calendar is an important detail that should not be overlooked.  In fact, it’s statistically proven that couples that send out a “Save the Date” reminder have a greater number of guests attending their wedding.


Personalize your “Save the Date” by scheduling an appointment with a photographer—then be creative!  Talk through all the special things about your relationship and how those things can be captured in a single photograph.  What do you like to do together?  Where do you spend your time?  What makes your relationship unique? While you’re out on the photo shoot, you can also secure some beautiful engagement shots as well, to share with family and friends.


In this world of super technology, there are many methods for sharing your date.

Cards and postcards are now easily created through popular online photo stores.  These can become treasured keepsakes for your guests of honor.  They will proudly hang your photo on their refrigerator or bulletin board and remember you (and your wedding date) each time they see it.


Want to forgo the formality of mailing a card?  Social media has become a simple way to share your news.  Just be careful how you share.  You want to make sure that only intended guests are saving your special date; otherwise, your 800 casual Facebook friends may all think they are officially invited!

For more ideas on how to perfectly communicate your wedding date, please contact me as soon as (or even before!) you have your wedding date set.  We can strategize the best way to share your news that represents you and your plans for your future.  I can also help you make sure that you have all of the important details secured before you communicate your plans with others.  Let me take care of the finer points, while you simply enjoy every moment of the months, weeks and days leading up to your big event!

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Photography by local photographers: Mary Neumann Photography | Krista Oliver Photography

Printed Save the Date card by: Invitation Crush