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Do the Holidays have you in withdrawal? I've got the perfect potion for you! Today’s post is going to be a little different. Usually, we focus on weddings, but today, I’m going to be discussing about a topic that can apply to everyone, not just brides: dinner parties.

I’ll give you a second to catch your breath. I know dinner parties can be a source of tension and anxiety. Don’t worry; I’m here to help. Try to focus on these key elements, and the rest of your dinner party will fall into place.


1. Start with a theme. It could be as highbrow as a Gatsby-themed dinner party or as simple as a rust and gold color scheme in honor of fall. Whatever theme you decide on, allow it to guide you as you plan the details of your party. 2. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Enlisting help by, for example, hiring a caterer will allow you to focus on the big picture goal: hosting an event your guests will love. 3. Consider your seating arrangements. Round tables allow guests to converse more easily, and short, non-fussy centerpieces will be less likely to impede conversation. Remember to leave enough space between seats that guests have space to move their elbows! 4. Be conscious of time. Have all of your table settings and decorations done by the time your guests arrive so you can focus on helping them settle in and feel welcome.

Perfectsettings ballroom
Perfectsettings ballroom

Still feeling a little tense? I’d love to help you figure out the details as you plan your dinner party at Perfect Settings. Give me a call so we can get started!

Elope to the Perfect Setting

Today we’re going to be talking about something that I’ll bet you’re not expecting: elopements! While elopements can be fun and exciting for the bride and groom, they can also be a source of tension within their social circles. Friends and family can feel left out if they aren’t invited to participate in your big day, which makes it hard for them to share your excitement about your simple, spontaneous wedding.

PerfectSetting Mai
PerfectSetting Mai

I’m here with some good news-- you can have your cake and eat it, too. In other words: Go. Have your elopement. Enjoy that sense of whirlwind romance. But then, come back and celebrate with your family and friends at a big ol’ party. Photo courtesy of

Having a reception that celebrates your union allows your friends and family to share your joy as you begin your life with your beloved. To help your loved ones feel even more included, consider spicing up your reception with a travel theme that incorporates mementos from your elopement. For example, decorating the tables with pictures of you and your sweetie during your travels will make your guests feel like they were right there with you.

PerfectSettings Elope
PerfectSettings Elope

Photo courtesy of

If you’re planning on eloping but want to give your family part of the Lancaster County wedding experience they’ve been counting on, give me a call! Let me help you throw the elopement bash of the century at Perfect Settings.

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Alternative Alters in Lancaster and York Counties

In the past, custom decided most elements of the wedding ceremony. Guests could expect to witness different variations of the same ceremony over… and over… and over again during the busy summer wedding season. Fear not, bride-to-be! The nuts and bolts of the ceremony are no longer off limits! More and more brides and grooms are experimenting with ways to make every part of their wedding day a showcase of their unique personalities.

One way to do that is by creating a stunning backdrop for your altar. The altar is supposed to be sacred and represent the seriousness of the vows between bride and groom, but it doesn’t have to be boring to be holy! Help the altar evoke a sense of the sacred by lighting up your guests’ imaginations with magic and delight.


Photo courtesy of

Consider the theme of your wedding, and don’t be afraid to use the backdrop of the altar to bring it all together. Going for a whimsical, magical feel? Use wispy strands of lights or gossamer fabrics to take your guests to that fairy garden. Aiming for something more formal? Use elegant flowers and heavier fabrics to emphasize the beauty and profundity of your vows to each other.

alter 2
alter 2

Photo courtesy of Hummingbird House and


If you’re a Lancaster or York County bride who’s excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed) by all these choices, let’s talk! I’d love to help you brainstorm the perfect altar backdrop and discuss how we could achieve your vision for your wedding at Perfect Settings - or even off site. Here's a wedding alter snapshot I took right before a barnyard wedding I coordinated offsite. Tell me this isn't gorgeous!

Gorgeous Centerpieces

Many brides struggle to choose between tall and short centerpieces. Although there are pros and cons for both choices, today let’s talk about short centerpieces. Short centerpieces are understated and allow guests to focus on each other. With a short centerpiece, you never have to worry about flowers blocking your view of the person across the table! Short centerpieces are perfect for a more elegant reception. I love this unique take on the short centerpiece! This couple used succulents in their centerpiece as part of a desert style event. Notice how the vibrant reds and blues in the centerpiece draw on the colors in the place settings to unify the table.

short center
short center

Photo courtesy of

And to prove the versatility of the short centerpiece, here is one with a more vintage feel. The pastel roses and the gold vases make this centerpiece appropriate for a formal wedding. Remember that a formal affair doesn’t necessarily mean a tall centerpiece!

short center2
short center2

Photo courtesy of and Plum Sage Flowers.

As you decide what centerpieces to use, consider your goals and think outside the box. Short centerpieces are versatile and elegant, and they let love and friendship be the center of attention, rather than the centerpiece.

Pretty Place Settings in the Perfect Setting.

Hello again. Seems like spring and summer sort of got the best of me. We're back to the daily grind, though.Place settings... it's not something that brides normally put a lot of thought into. Whatever you imagine when you think of your wedding day, the little details are crucial to making your goals a reality. Place settings are an often-overlooked element of planning a wedding, but an elegant place setting can be the key to pulling together an event’s style.

If you love the idea of an outside wedding but you can't deal with the stress that comes with worrying about the weather, consider using floral accents and stylized menus to create a garden party ambiance, as the pastel floral arrangements do in this photo. You can even choose your dishes to complement your wedding’s style. Notice how the delicate yellow rim of the glass in this photo, which seems like the smallest of details, adds to the style of the event.

Perfect Settings
Perfect Settings

Photo courtesy of and Burke Garden Parties Receptions and Events

On the other hand, more muted tones in your place settings can transform an outdoor wedding from garden party to country chic. For example, note the way that the pink peonies and wedding favors tied up with twine in this photo accentuate the rustic theme of the event.


Photo courtesy of and Mountain Springs Lodge.

Want to know more about how to use place settings to build your wedding’s theme? Let’s talk!

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Candle Lit Romance | York & Lancaster Weddings

candle-light-wedding-reception.jpg If it's a candle lit wedding you want, than a candle lit wedding you shall have!

When it comes to your wedding, sometimes being in the dark isn't a bad thing.  Kara Yates, Senior Editor at MODwedding says, "Incorporating the romantic glow of candlelight is perfect for making magic in the room."  I completely agree.  Whether outdoors or indoors, candles are the perfect romantic addition to any wedding or celebration.


Floating candles in various sizes and shaped vases creates a soft, dreamy look.  For a more classic feel, long-burning tapered candle in candelabras create a warm, passionate statement.


Candles make glass, mirrors and crystals really sparkle.  Add pearls, flowers, lace...anything you used seen in your minds-eye as a little girl, dreaming of your wedding day as you explored your mother's jewelry box.  This is the time to let all of your dreams unleashed!

Not every venue allows you to express drama and romance through real candles.  Thankfully, we live in a time where realistic-looking, flickering LED candles are available and a great alternative.

Let's explore all the beautiful options available to you with Perfect Settings!

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Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala | Lanc Co Weddings

marsalaweddinginspiration-1024×1024.jpg Marsala.  It's not just a wine, you know!

Pantone named Marsala the color of the year, and brides are already loving it!  Particularly, as my brides and party planners look ahead toward fall and winter 2015 events, Marsala is already HOT.  But don't think this rich color can't be done well in the spring and summer months, too

. wedins_styleunveiled_2014_marsala_wedding_004.jpg

Think pomegranates and red pears!  Think romance...


Gone are the days when cranberries are only seen at Christmastime.  Frozen cranberries make a beautiful marsala-colored garnish to a punch or cocktail.


And summer berries are an effortless complement to a marsala red velvet cake.

Still love vintage?  Marsala goes beautifully with the beauty of classic, timeless decor.

So, let's talk!  I'd love to help you come up with ideas for a Marsala Wedding of your dreams.  There are so many romantic, whimsical, classical, and lush options to explore.

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Photo Credits: with photographer:  Mark Martinez Photography and

I Love Shoes | Brides in York & Lancaster, PA

shoes-1.jpg Many brides tell me that they love shoes.  What woman doesn't?  We love how shoes make us feel.  And many women are willing to play with shoes in a way they don’t play with other parts of their wardrobe.  Even on their wedding day.

Who says the bride (or wedding party) has to wear a pair of traditional flats or heels when there are so many options out there! I'm thinking, it might just be time to get more fun with the shoes we are wearing under the wedding dress.



You don't even need to have a barn or ranch wedding anymore to wear cowboy boots with your dress.  Some brides have a fantasy of riding a white horse in a flowy white wedding gown, with the perfect boots for the occasion.  If a bride's style in her everyday life includes going nowhere without her cowboy boots, then it only makes sense that she boot scootin' boogie her way down the aisle.



When the converse sneaker made a comeback, they also strolled their way onto the wedding scene.  This is certainly nothing new, but something I continue to see with brides who are casual, comfortable and sassy!  Whole wedding parties are wearing colorful sneakers.  If this is your sense of style--go for it, girl! shoes-4.jpg

Sassy Sneaker Girls, don't forget the groom!  You can't be strutting in your sneakers while he's wearing his polished Sunday bests.  Get yourselves some matching/coordinating sneakers and have fun together!

By the way, did you know you can customize your own Chucks?  Check it out HERE!



But you say, "Wait, Daisy, I thought this was a post about shoes!"  That's true.  But there are many brides (and grooms) who also prefer no shoes at all.  No problem!  Who says you need to wear shoes?  Have fun with it.  Write a message on your feet for your guests to see when you cross your legs or start dancing at the reception!

*NOTE: A wonderful pedicure is a MUST if you're going barefoot.  Your bridesmaids would love it if you'd take them with you for a girls night out. shoes-5.jpg


So, maybe you don't like wearing shoes, but you want more than just your naked toes.   Did you know there are many accessories for your feet?  You can have the best of both worlds!



Since we're talking pedicures--flip flops are not uncommon for summer weddings.  Customized flips, colorful and fun flips, or bedazzling jeweled flips...the flip flop is no longer just for the beach wedding. But again, a pedi is not optional!



So you feel most comfortable in heels?  That's great!  Wear what you love and what style suits you.  But here's a clever idea for you.  Give your shoes to the groom before the wedding and have him write you a note on the bottom.  Don't look at them until you put them on your foot on your wedding day.  Or, better yet, have him put your enchanted "wedding slipper" on and tell you what they say.  It's a princess dream come true!



Hey, Dancers!  Your ballet slippers are super stylish.  And...shhh...I won't tell if you decide to wear these and you really don't dance ballet at all!  Your secret is safe with me.

So, what other kinds of shoes do you think would be fun to wear on your wedding day?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Or, if you've already had your big day, send me a picture of your creative shoe selection.

Let's have fun planning the perfect day for you.  Contact me today to get started on planning YOUR wedding!

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Be Prepared | York & Lancaster Wedding Planner

omg-wedding-kit.jpg Recently, while cruising Pinterest for some inspiration, I came across this invaluable "OMG Emergency Kit" for brides.  I was trying to think if I'd add anything to this, and so far, I have decided that this list is quite comprehensive.

Don't get caught off guard on your wedding day.  It happens all the time to brides, so don't let it happen to you.

The great thing is, your wedding coordinator should have an emergency kit already packed and ready to come to your rescue.  So, whether your hair needs the tuck of a bobby pin or your seam needs a last minute stitch, make sure you have the basics on-hand.

If you have a story to share about your own need for an OMG Emergency Kit on your wedding day, I'd love to hear it.  Or, if this post is making you realize that there are just too many details for you to manage on your own--the contact me today!  You don't have to be prepared for everything.  Let me handle the details.  You just come prepared to marry your man.

Do you follow me on Pinterest?  If not, start doing so now!


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Wedding Pets | Lancaster, York Weddings


"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  -Anatole France

Many brides and grooms share with me how much they LOVE their pets!  As a dog owner, I completely understand.

However, I am occasionally asked, "Daisy, is there a way that we can include our dog (or cat, goat, bird, horse or pig!) into our wedding day.


I wish the answer were a simple yes or no, but, there are many things to consider if you want your pet to be included in your big day.  That's why I decided to devote an entire blog post to this very subject.


To Have And To Hold

This I can say with certainty: If your pet enjoys being held, then by all means, get photographs taken with your pet before or after the wedding.  As long as your photographer and the venue approve of animals, you can get some very cute pictures of you and your best furry friend.  Just be prepared to:

1) Be Patient: Animals don't always cooperate for the camera.

2) Have Treats On Hand: Offering an incentive to sit, stay and look pretty sure helps! (P.S. This works for kids, too!)

3) Be Flexible: You might have a perfect idea for the two of you and Miss Cuddles, but if Miss Cuddles has an idea of her own--go with hers!  Nothing is worse than fighting with an animals at a photo shoot.

4) Get the Leash: You might have Pebbles adorned in her own mini wedding gown or Boots decked out in a handsome bow tie, but have that leash ready.  No cute outfit will be seen if your beloved pet decides to bolt after a neighborhood cat or a tiny field mouse.

5) Use a Lint Roller: Because most pets shed, you will want to make sure that you're not suddenly looking like an animal yourself.  Nothing is worse than a wedding dress covered in Zeke's black fur or a black tux decorated with Fifi's white fuzz.

With these things in mind, say "I Do!" to pets in your photos.


The Wedding March

"But, Daisy, I want my pet IN the wedding!" you may be thinking. To that I say, "KNOW YOUR PET!"

It takes an incredibly obedient animal to participate in the ceremony.  And just because Rover is well-trained at home, how do you know that he is going to perform well in front of a crowd?

If you have confidence that your pooch would make a great ring bearer or flower girl, then let me share a few bits of wisdom for you:

1) Let the "Master" Do the Handling: Like I said, even the best behaved dog can get crazy around a lot of people, so make sure that the person handling the dog is someone the dog respects and will obey.  AKA: Not the children!  Nothing will ruin a wedding faster than a good dog chase right before the bride makes her grand entrance.

2) Use a Leash.  It can be decked out in pearls and gems, but this probably isn't the day to test your puppies off-leash abilities.  Keep her close and under control.

3) Ask Permission. Always.: Never just assume that your wedding venue is okay with an animal on-location.  Get permission from wedding, reception and photography locations if you plan to have your pet present.

4) Follow the Photography Tips: See the same tips above and apply them to your wedding ceremony.  Like, remove the yellow lab's hair from the groom's tux before he makes his grand entrance at the reception!

Having a wedding coordinator becomes even more essential with pet involvement.  You'll need someone who can keep you moving in the right direction if the pet becomes a distraction.  I love animals, and would be happy to talk through the pros and cons with you.


So, at the end of the day, it needs to be the decision of the bride and groom whether to included their sweet, furry family members in their day.  If you'd like your pet to be included, but you don't think it's a great idea, then let me suggest a cake topper as an option.  A customized topper can be part of the bridal cake, the groom cake or a separate cake altogether.

Let's talk about how your pet can make your day extra special!

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The Alternative Guest Book | Susquehanna Valley Wedding Ideas

record-300×290.jpg If there is one main theme to weddings these days, it's this: PERSONALIZE IT!

The classic weddings and traditions will never go out of style, but more and more brides and grooms are finding unique ways to share their individuality with their guests.  Their "guest books" are no exception.

In lieu of standing in line to put a signature on a line in a book, guests are now eagerly awaiting their turn to contribute their names to fun new twists on "look who came to our wedding!" ideas.  I'm sharing some of those ideas with you today.


Plinko My Heart

If you've ever watched the game show The Price is Right then you are familiar with the game Plinko!  This concept has a slight resemblance.  Guests sign hearts that are then slid into a frame to plinko down into the next open location.  At the end of the night, the bride and groom have a unique piece of artwork for their new home.


Get In the Game

Jenga, the tower building game, just got personalized!  Each guest can sign their name and include a message to the happy couple.  It could be marriage advice, a shared memory, a funny anecdote, or a treasured well-wish.  Not only will the couple enjoy reading through the game blocks, they'll also have fun playing the game!

Tip: To avoid lines and waiting to sign the pieces, put a piece at everyone's place at the reception--along with some markers--and have them do this during some down time at the reception.  Either create a location for them to drop off their pieces or just have them leave their game piece at their seat when they depart from the wedding, and your wedding coordinator (that would be me!) can collect them for you!


Leave Guests Puzzled

Similar to the game, this is a fun idea that will also provide something for the couple to do together later.  Guests sign the backs of puzzle pieces and put them into a jar or box when they are complete.  Later the bride and groom can read through the puzzle pieces as they assemble the picture.  Personalized puzzles can also be ordered--with a photo of the bride and groom or a special location.  Another fun idea?  Brides, let your "Guest Puzzle Attendant" order the personalized puzzle for you, so you and your groom will be surprised at the picture the puzzle makes once it's assembled. content-4.jpeg

Message In a Bottle

Smalls scrolls unroll for guests to write a personal note to the bride and groom.  Tie the note with ribbon to match your special day.  Then, drop the note in a bottle--as if it's about the be set out to sea!  This is a great idea, particularly, for a nautical themed wedding. decoration7270.jpg

Centerpiece It!

I love to help my brides create beautiful centerpieces where guests can hang notes of encouragement or marital advice.  There are many different ideas for how this can be done, but what I like about it is that it can be a budget-reduction idea, for those planning a wedding on tight finances.  The guest book and the centerpieces become one beautiful DIY project that makes your reception feel personal and fun! guestbook-alternative-heart-cut-out.jpg

Hide It In Your Heart

Or is it, "Hide Your Heart, In Your Book"?  How cool is THIS idea?!  Guests can sign heart shaped pages from a classic book the two of you love.  The heart tucks neatly back into the book!  If this is an idea that interests you, it can be created yourself or bought from a vendor on Etsy or other online stores. quilt-table.jpg

Sew In Love

If you, or someone you know, is great at quilting...the guest quilt is a beautiful and creative idea!  Guests can sign quilt pieces with fabric pens and the quilt can be assembled as a gift for the couple to be handed down through the generations.  How awesome would it be for your grandchildren to one day say, "This is the guest quilt from my grandparents wedding?" wedding-guest-book-alternatives-winery-wedding-venue__full.jpg

Put A Cork In It!

This is particular a fun idea for the wine connoisseurs out there!  If you happen to be someone who has saved every wine cork from each special bottle you've enjoyed, it's time to put them to good use.  Guests can sign a cork and add it to a jar or bowl.  Then, after the wedding, you can either display your guest corks in that same jar or bowl OR there are many DYI cork ideas to display your guest corks in really unique ways. wedding-guestbook-tree.jpg

Artfully Done

If you love art, then have your guests sign an original pieces of art that was created for your special day.  I really liked this tree sketch and how guests could sign along the branches, but any artwork would make a special guest book, as long as it is something you like. wedding-reception-guest-book-ideas.jpg

Enveloped In Love

Small card are provided for each guest.  Guests then place their cards in an envelop which has been placed on a board to make a creative art piece!  The bride and groom will have so much fun reading all of their notes. (After the honeymoon, of course!) a0106527e33fb3163f4d214b2877c39c_rwl2.jpeg

Thumb-thing Special

Thumbprint please!  Guests will add their thumbprint to your artwork, along with their name/signature.  If you've ever seen thumbprint art, the thumbprints don't have to be leaves on trees.  They can be ANYTHING!  And, if you love whimsy, buy a thumbprint book and have it at your guest signing table.  Inspire your guests to create their own thumbprint original artwork for you.  Just don't forget to have wipes for their inked up fingers--and a nearby trashcan to throw those wipes away!

So, there you have it!  More than a handful of creative ideas to get your mind thinking outside of the box.  Want to meet and talk about how to make your entire wedding a personalized, enjoyable day for everyone?  I'd love to hear your dreams and determine how we can work together to make them come true.  Contact me for your initial consultation today!

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6 Ways to Say "THANKS!" | York & Lancaster Weddings

13-thank-you-in-book-louisa-podlich.jpg If it's one thing we are not at Perfect Settings, it's generic!  So, when a bride and I discuss how to say THANK YOU to everyone who will make her day special, we work together to think creatively about how to communicate gratitude in style!

Here are several ways to say "thank you" to those who need to know you appreciate their support on your wedding day.

1) A Wedding Favor


Not everyone would tell you that having a favor is a must, but to me--well, let's just say, it's a priority.  It's a simple way for you to give your guests a special THANK YOU gift.   It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but I do have some suggestions about what guests appreciate.  Hands down, the most enjoyed favors are edible. We can work together to find a creative way to give candy, cookies, seasonal treats, teas or coffees.


One of the hottest new trends?  Mini pies!  How cute and tasty is this thank you gift?

If you are choosing to give a non-edible gift, then it has to have some lasting appeal. It can be something you bought, or something handmade, but think long and hard about whether it is something YOU would want to take home and keep.

Like the idea of homemade or handmade items, but feel less than crafty yourself?  It's okay!  Online shops like ETSY have loads of creative and beautiful handmade items you can purchase for your guests.

2) Leave It At Their Seat


Leave a note at the seat of each of your guests.  It can be a sincere, handwritten note by you OR, if the thought of 180 notes seem daunting (because, it is!), you can still  leave something whimsical and heartfelt that communicates your gratitude.

3) Send It Later


After the wedding and the honeymoon are over, it's appropriate--even expected--to send a card to your guests and thank them for attending your special day, and--most times--for their generous gift.  Be creative!  A little advanced planning will do you well.  Have your photographer snap a "thank you" photo, so you can make a custom card.


Or...take a little shot with your own camera from your honeymoon destination.

I also recommend ordering return address labels or a customized address stamp before your wedding day.  That will make the envelop addressing much easier and you'll be sure your guests have your new address!

4) Give a Special Gift 


No, you don't have to give every person who attends your wedding something more than just a party favor, but you should give a gift to those who made your wedding day extra special.  For close friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and anyone else who played a particularly significant role in the day, you should consider sending a small token of thanks in addition to a thank you note. Some ideas include: a clutch purse, some luxury soap, personalized jewelry, scarves, wine, gift cards, spa treatments, and more!  (I could designate and entire blog to ideas on gifts--and maybe, just maybe, I will!)

5) Make a Video


Sometimes, actually hearing someone say, “Thank you,” can make all the difference. Why not take it a step further and create a special video of thanks for your friends, family, and those special people who helped make your day so important?

6) Pay it Forward


I love this idea!  Have cards at the table where guests can choose a charity of their choice where you can make a donation in their name as a way of saying THANKS!  It will show your heart of gold, and many charities will send your guest a letter letting them you've made a contribution in their name. If the charity doesn't you should acknowledge the donation somehow, once it is made.

 There are many more creative ideas I can suggest to a bride and groom for saying "Thank You."  It's always best to get to know each other so that we can determine the best, most personal, and affordable option for you!  Feel free to contact me today to start making plans for your big day.  I would love to help you as you step into your future together as Mr. & Mrs.

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Everywhere a Sign | Lancaster, York Wedding Ideas


As I've been planning this blog post, I've been singing the song "Signs, signs--everywhere a sign..." and I cannot get it out of my head.  Maybe you'll be singing along by the end of this post, too.

Do you want to know what is crazy popular right now?  Typography.

People are very drawn to letters, fonts, and writing.   Along with typography come the trend of unique signs. There are so many creative sayings and possibilities for the use of signs on your special day.  Signs are a way to personalize your wedding, reception or event.  Here are some ideas for you to consider as you plan your special day.


Think about how to creatively use signs in your photographs.  You may want to plan for your photographer to grab a photo of you holding a "thank you" sign, for example, to use as the image on your custom thank you cards to your guests.

Think outside of the box.  The couple above loved board games, so they made scrabble tiles to create a sign for a very special photo.  Signs add whimsy, personality and the ability to communicate a special message--and photography helps make that message last forever!


What about adding some serious cuteness factor to the way you use a sign at your event?  Kids carrying signs will have your guests literally saying "awww!!!" and even, perhaps, add a giggle before your big entrance down the aisle.  If you've got a well-behaved pooch who will perform well on your big day, put him/her to work!  Fido will be proud to announce the coming bride.


The reception is a wonderful place to use signs.  Consider putting the menu on a beautiful chalkboard. Signs can also add a lot to food table, too.

It's a special thing to create a sign that shares your love story!  Put that on display at the reception, because people can't get enough a great love story--especially at a wedding.

And, if you have children coming to the wedding and you've made them special bags--how adorable is the "I came for cake!" sign?  (See our recent post on how to make your wedding a kid-friendly event!)


I, personally, love this!  First, these Italian-style chiavari chairs are both classic and extremely popular right now.  They also happen to the chairs we have at Perfect Settings.  A few months ago, I did a post about dressing up your chairs at your wedding.  It's always a great idea to indicate the special seats of the bride and groom.  Let's get creative about the signs we use!


You definitely want to consider the fact that typography and signs could be the background for beauty.  Whether they are at the front of your wedding service, a stopping point for great pictures on the way to the reception or behind the bridal party at the reception, signs add interest and personality!


Creative directional signs are also simple and distinct.  They can be rustic or classic.  They can point to anything from where to find the photo booth and dancing to important things like restrooms!  This is just one more way to bring all of your personal charm into the setting.

So, now do you understand why I've been singing about signs?  But, trust me, you don't want to hire me to sing for you!  What you do want to consider is asking me to help you make your dreams become a reality on your special day.

Contact me and we can plan a time to discuss your wedding or party planning.  Working with a coordinator makes your day much easier, more affordable and less stressful.  And, the fact that you're reading this blog post MIGHT just be a SIGN that we'd make a perfect team!

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Kid Perfect Weddings | York & Lancaster, PA


When creating your wedding guest list, there is a question that needs an answer: should children be invited to your wedding?  The answer to that question is a personal preference.

Many people say, "Yes!"

That's why I am sharing a few special ideas to keep Johnny from crawling under the cake table and to keep Susie from crying in the punch.  Let's face it, weddings can get long for children (and, honestly, even for some adults!), so having a plan in place to keep them happy and occupied is a great idea.


Children are often an important part of the actual wedding party.  Sometimes, the children even belong to the bride and/or groom, which makes their involvement extra special.  Let's not overlook these sweet participants who are dressed and mini-brides and grooms.  This is a big day for them, too!


So, whether the children are flower girls and ring bearers or just guests at the wedding, having a simple gift for them makes them feel like it's THEIR special day.  It also provides their parents with various forms of entertainment.  Candy, snacks, and simple activities are more sacred to a child than most anything else.  I can help you put together gifts that are adorable, functional and affordable.


Here's an idea I really love.  Kids enjoy playing "I Spy."  It's simple to develop a scavenger hunt for children to do either during the wedding service or while they await the couple to arrive at the reception.  Trust me, depending on what you things you include on your scavenger hunt, adults find this amusing too.


If you liked my post on Vintage Weddings, then you'll enjoy this idea! Remember to carry your theme into your fun for the kids.  Here, a vintage lunch box is filled with goodies that children have enjoyed for years.  This inexpensive little treasure simply includes: a vintage flashcard tag, a few pencils, stickers and crayons, a container of play-dough, some bubbles, and a little bag of treats, all presented on this adorable hand-drawn place setting on brown paper.  Simple!


Teachers love this one!  What if I could help you design your very own coloring book for kids?  If there's not time or money to create a custom book, there are online options to order.  Very creative!


Another idea is to create an actual kid corner at the reception.  Have a place for them to go and hang out together to play and stay busy.  You may even want to consider asking someone to oversee this area for you, either as a favor or for a small fee for the day.  That way, your adult guests can have time to socialize while their children are in good hands.


One thing is certain, with all of the details that come along with planning a wedding and a reception, ideas like this can fall through the cracks.  It doesn't have to be that way, however.  You CAN have it all!

Contact me and let's discuss how working together could make your wedding planning much easier, more affordable and less stressful.  These are the kind of things I LOVE to do, and it would be my honor to walk with you into the the day you've always dreamed of having.

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New Twist on "Open Bar" at York County Receptions

dessert-bar1.jpg Gone are the days where wedding receptions depend on the cake being cut and served to the table as the final course. Having a dessert bar, like the milk and cookies bar above, is a perfect way to add energy and fun that will make your celebration really sweet (no pun intended).  If you want everyone to leave your wedding with a smile on their face, then consider some new twists on the words "open bar."


Every chocolate lover's dream comes true at a chocolate bar.  Chocolate desserts, candies, fudge and drinks can be served in a posh and whimsical way.


Snack bars are also becoming a popular trend at weddings and parties.  Take this popcorn bar as an example.  Large baskets and barrels are filled to the brim with popcorn and scoops.  Popcorn can be heaped into bowls, bags, or boxes and then guests can add their own candies, nuts and sprinkle toppings to their heart's desire.


Healthy gets a little naughty when yogurt meets toppings.  At a yogurt bar, guests will enjoy choosing from  fruit, nuts, berries, granola, pretzels, sprinkles and whipped toppings.  Want to get really crazy?  Ask me how you can get a frozen yogurt bar at your wedding!  "Froyo" is the trendiest dessert of the year.


It's also very vogue to be health conscious these days.  So, offering the healthy option of a bar filled (and decorated) with fruits, veggies and yogurts is a great idea. It's always amazing how beautiful healthy foods look when they are partnered together.


Or, skip healthy and go straight to sugar-filled whimsy!   At any age, a candy dessert bar creates smiles.  Consider a nod to days gone by where candy buttons and gumdrops were sold for a penny.  Colorful, delightful and simply fun!


Why not think about the foods YOU really love?  Your bar doesn't have to include anything traditional.  How about topping donuts and crepes with all sorts of crazy concoctions?   When it comes to dessert bars--the only limitation is your own imagination.


Since many weddings are in the morning, you may also want to consider forgetting a sit down meal and favoring a brunch bar.  Donut holes, mini quiches, breakfast sandwiches, bacon sticks and many other delicious treats almost feel like a dessert in mid-morning...they're so delicious!


Another favorite bar?  The waffle bar!  Great for brunch or for dessert.  Add scoops of ice cream and you may just have to hold your guests back until it's time for them to serve themselves.


Love the outdoors?  Here's a fun idea!  A s'mores bar is so much fun and perfect for an outdoor venue with fire pits. Traditional s'mores have been replaces (but not forgotten) with variations of candies, fruits and sprinkled marshmallows.


Regardless of what type of bar you're offering, consider using your wedding colors or theme as part of the feature of the bar.  This can be done with both food and decor.


And, of course, an ACTUAL bar is still a great option at your reception.  However, I could help you think of a unique spin on how to serve your beverages to guests.  In this case, the Bloody Mary bar is open for business.  Choose your heat and added infusions.

This is YOUR day.  I would love to help you make it memorable for years to come.  Contact me today for a free consultation and to get your date on my calendar.  Let's create magic together!

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Vintage Wedding Trends in York & Lancaster County

vintage_wedding_ideas1.jpg The vintage themed wedding has become popular over the last few years for a number of reasons. During the downturn in the economy, the vintage wedding has proven that it can be a cost effective way of decorate. Often there are many DIY elements included, and the overall style has a very laid back feeling that doesn’t require a lot of extra fuss.


Social media has also played a roll in the popularity of all-thing-vintage.  Websites like Pinterest, as well as the blogosphere, have made is possible to browse endless images that often include handmade, unique décor.  Top that off with the trends of cotton lace, mason jars and anything that could be re-purposed and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a throw-back wedding that is timeless, romantic and personalized.


The vintage look welcomes elements placed casually about that are mixed and matched.  It creates a sense of comfort by going back to our roots. Picking and choosing with an eye to edit will be less overpowering on the overall effect of the event and will allow you to avoid an overdone look.


Little touches, perhaps woven into the design of the napkin treatments or the cake, can create an overarching design that represents the couple. Using a common thread, story, or color palette to create the overall design, and those trendier details can flow in seamlessly.


Of course, every trend has a cycle, as brides strive to be unique and original on their wedding day, and do something a little different to give guests that WOW factor.  Although saying that, I do think we will see the vintage theme well into 2014 and beyond.


I would love to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  I have contact with vendors who have countless resources to make your day the best day of your life, while sticking to your budget.  Contact me today for your free initial consultation.

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Most of the photography on this post is courtesy of Lovebirds Vintage Decor Rentals

Perfect Folds | York & Lancaster Unique Events

acostatablesmall2.jpg Guests are often in awe of beautiful centerpieces at the wedding receptions we plan and host. A great way to give your reception tables more personality is by folding napkins in unique ways.  Napkins are a great way to make a table setting more fun, elegant, or whimsical!


The most popular napkin fold is the flat pocket fold. This fold allows you to slip a menu card, thank you card, flower blossom, twig of herb, or a lot of other items into its pocket. The napkin can also be folded with multiple pockets, which can be utilized to in various ways.


I love when my clients take the things that make them happy, like bows, hearts and butterflies, and incorporate them into the napkin fold. What a great representation of the couple and an added  personal touch!


There are many variations to the classic roll fold. With this fold, you can implement fun napkin rings and ribbon accents.  Napkin rings can also be a great take-home gift for your guests.


Just like the roll fold, the traditional rose fold has evolved a lot over the last few years. Done correctly and to your specific taste, it can really be an amazing touch to your table decor.


The right napkin fold is just as important as the centerpiece, the table linen, and the charger plate. Napkin folds can add the right touch of detail and personality to take your table to the "WOW!" factor level.

Contact me today for an initial consultation and let the planning begin!

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Perfect Aisles | for Lancaster & York County Brides


You bought the perfect wedding gown and adorned your bridesmaids in your favorite hue.  Everyone will look stunning!  But have you ever considered dressing your wedding aisle?  If you're the modern bride, however, the a traditional white wedding aisle may not fit your unique sense of style.

I've compiled some ideas that will help you think outside the box when it comes to your walk down the aisle.


The monogram became a symbol of high society during the Victorian period when it was adapted for personal use. The roots of the monogram give insight in to why people still love it now. Whether you take a classic approach to the monogram or a more modern one, you just can’t go wrong.  Monogramming your wedding aisle is an increasing trend that adds a sense of personal style and denotes a high-end quality.


The trend of printing on the wedding aisle doesn't just stop with monogramming, however.  Maybe, as a couple, you have a special connection to a song, a poem, or a scripture verse.  Share it with everyone.  Make it a unique part of your day by experiencing it on your walk down the aisle.


Get creative with a colored wedding aisle runner.  A color on your aisle will be a blend of style and taste that is sure to add conversation on your wedding day.  This trend is in high demand for celebrity weddings and featured in popular wedding magazines. Why not add that same bold taste to your wedding?


Since we are focused on non-traditional style--why not do something completely unique?  Ribbons, burlap, stones, pages of books, sheet music, and many other medians might just create the distinction you desire.  Your wedding should reflect YOU, so let's talk about what unique materials you could use to personalize your aisle.


Almost every ceremony includes flowers as part of its design.  Why not consider a petal pathway to your groom?  The possibilities of what to do with petals are endless.  Your guests will be envious that yours are the only feet to touch this fragrant work on aisle art!


And who said a wedding aisle has to be straight?

So, tradition holds that a bride enters last and walks toward her groom. Who wants to change that opportunity for a grand entrance? Nevertheless, the details from how you decorate the aisle are open to interpretation.

As your event planner, I'll help you determine how a spectacular entrance can happen for you.  With my vast connections to vendors, services and suppliers, I will also assist you in staying within the budget you can afford.  Contact me today for your free initial consultation!

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A Well-Dressed Chair | Wedding Ideas for York & Lancaster


Don’t forget the beauty a well-dressed chair can bring to any occasion. Perfect Settings has beautiful Italian-style chiavari chairs that are easily adorned with charm and glamor.

Today, I am offering you inspiration from photos of chairs that are dressed for a magical wedding day.


Use ribbons, accents and flowers to create endless possibilities for dressing up our venue with style


Designate special seating for the bride and groom.


Create unforgettable swags with paper, ribbons and garlands of greens.

And should you visit now the seats of bliss,

You need not wear another form but this

-John Oldham, Poet

Remember, I’m here to listen to your dreams, capture your style and dress up your special day so it is the most unforgettable day of your life.  Contact me today for a free consultation and to discuss how we can work together to make your dreams come true.

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