3 things to regret

So this is the beginning of wedding season regrets. If you are planning on getting married read on!!Most brides call me after they get back from their honeymoon - or sometimes they call me on the way to the airport - to tell me what they loved the most and what they hated the most. The loves are good ones but the hates are better, so try to avoid them. 1. They didn't hire a videographer. I need not say a whole lot here about this.... find it in your budget to hire a videographer. I have video vendors that will work with almost any budget. You don't care about it now while you're planning but you will in 10 yrs when I'm no longer here reminding you of things and you don't have that video to look back on. Hire the videographer! - no I don't get a kickback from my guys. 2. They didn't hire a make up artist. Ladies.... (and sometimes gents) this is simple. You invested so much money into your attire but no one is going to remember the crystal beading on your dress if your eyeshadow is awful. Artist run the gamut as far as pricing but one thing is certain - they're priceless.... you won't be mad at the photographer b/c your face is stark white in your pics... hire the artist... the photographer will thank you for it too - they'll spend less time editing. 3. and most importantly.... they drank too much. There's a real fat line between having a good time and drinking too much. Heed the warning when you're starting to feel droopy. You want to remember your wedding not the hang over you had the next day.