4th of July Weddings

4th of July weddings present the opportunity to infuse your reception with some good, old-fashioned patriotism. Such color schemes as the ones below blend elegance and class with the carefree fun often associated with the 4th of July holiday weekend. From BetsyWhite.com:

From Blog.WeddingWire.com:

From BehindtheKnot.com:

Also, 4th of July weddings give you an excuse to express your excitement with fireworks! Image from Oneperfectmoment.com

Even so, Independence Day weddings have one major drawback: cost. It is true that a 4th of July wedding may be convenient because your guests will be on holiday from work. This advantage is a double-edged sword, however, because it also means that other people, namely vendors and their employees, will also be reluctant to work on a holiday. The major consequence of this is that vendors will unfortunately be more expensive on the 4th of July than on the average day.