50th Birthday Bash

It's been a week since the 50th Birthday Bash. I hadn't written about it before because I wanted to do justice to this awesome affair and my schedule didn't allow for it. Well.... I have time now!Can I tell you how fabulous that Family was? The whole family seemed to be from Perfectville. They all seemed to genuinely love each other and care for one another. I understand that they go on vacation together for a week every year. I was green with envy by the time they left. One of the brothers-in-law brought this gargantuan slushy machine. If anyone knows anything about me it's that I love, love, love slushies! The BIL was making strawberry daiquiris and Pina Coladas. I'm not a Pina gal so I didn't try that one. I did, however, have 4 strawberry drinks. I can tell you that they were out of this world. The machine the BIL brought was an industrial Island Oasis machine that they keep in restaurants and bars. When he was cleaning it at the end of the night he let out all of the remaining ice shavings and Tony and I made snowballs - it was that fine of snow. At any rate, .... I don't necessarily drink. Never have. On Sunday morning when Tony and I were cleaning up Tony told me how much Bacardi goes into those drinks. One shot per mixed drink. WEEEELLLLLL NO WONDER I was laughing so much!! I kept saying (all night) "I have never laughed so much with perfect strangers" - it IS true, the Hostess's sister is VERY funny and her laugh is throaty and contagious but I think the Bacardi helped a little. But Bacardi or not, you've gotta love the story about the sister putting the little sister into the dryer when they were children. I still laugh thinking about this. They were just really funny people. They cracked me up all night. I may have had just as much fun as the Host of Honor.... sorry, I love my job!