My daughter bought me eye cream for Christmas and it was just this tiny little thing. Well, I decide that I'm going to treat myself and go buy a new one. I get to the cosmetic counter and say "I'd like to buy some "Perfectionist"" "sure" she says "which size?" and takes out all of the sizes they offer. Well, I may have grown up poor but my mother loved Watt & Shand's Department Store - so I'm forewarned. "How about the smallest one?" - when I say small... I mean really small. "how many ounces is that?" "That is our one ounce size" she says in her most proper diction. "That will be $85.00." "Hmm.... I think I'm going to think about that one" - she's thinking "yeah, lady, I bet you are" but truthfully, I am thinking about that.... I'm thinking what in God's creation can be in that tiny bottle that would justify Estee Lauder to charge $85.00 for an ounce of cream! I mean, I could be a spokesperson for Perfectionist - I really could. I lost quite a bit of weight while crying over the reception hall and in the process have lost the fat pads under my eyes.... age gets you one way or the other... fat and happy or slim and ugly. What's the deal? Anyway, Perfectionist is a tiny little magic wand in a bottle. When you put that stuff on and then put concealer on to hide the raccoon eyes that you have now that you don't have fat pads, the little wand just fills in those ugly little creases that the concealer makes. *sigh* creases or raccoon eyes.... I'm going to have to deal with the raccoon eyes for a little while. I can't justify buying an ounce of glory for $85 when taxes are just around the corner. They must put a little drop of water from the fountain of youth into that bottle.BTW.... I should call the Bon-Ton! They have a $30 mark-up on Perfectionist!! When I went to create my link I see that I can buy it on line for $55.00.... I may be able to justify the glory cream for $55.00! In Tony's eyes $85.00 may as well be $100.00 but $55.00 is truly just $50.00... right?!