A Chair is just a Chair

wine-glass-pictures-03.jpg IS a chair just a chair? Before I answer that... can I tell you how awful I felt when I told a glass manufacturer in my town: "a wine glass is just a wine glass" This came on the heels of planning our grand opening and I was in need of 150 wine glasses. DH was furious that I would insult such a professional but truly I was just ignorant about it. I just wanted to buy wine glasses - I wasn't well versed in the aspects of wine glasses... so back to the Chair. I think it goes hand in hand with what I dealt with at the glass factory. If you don't know the industry you're left in the dark. I have potential clients that come in to the facility and say things like: "are these all the chairs that you offer?" or "do you have chair covers?" or - the worse yet "they look very tiki like".... on the flip side I can say that I get a lot of praise by offering the Chiavaris too. But I want to tell you why the Chiavari is the "Wedding Chair" - simply stated... they're gorgeous. According to Vision Furniture (a major supplier of Chiavaris): Chiavaris have become one of the world’s most popular seats for special events and occasions ranging from weddings, to high profile entertainment events such as the Grammy’s and seating for popular TV Shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Essentially, the beautiful Chiavari Chair is a sophisticated chair that is not only elegant, but also affordable and a practical solution for managing seating for a small wedding of 30 to a large gala of 3,000.

Heck... there were chiavaris at the Inauguration Ball, Receptions and after parties. And if you go on ANY of Martha's Sites there are chiavari's peppered throughout.

chiavarigold.jpg chivary-chair.jpg

In closing a chair isn't just a chair... just like a house isn't a home - ask Luther! - there really is no comparison as far as I'm concerned. Chairs can make a world of difference. If your event colors are chocolate and lime green (which btw is my next wedding) and have purple chairs to contend with... I'd be asking for chair covers. Side note: Chair covers for Chiavaris rent for $12 each... custom chair covers for chivaris rent for ~$18 ea. To rent chiavaris for a special event (from a rental company) they rent for $8 per chair plus the chair pad which is another $1. Renting the facility at Perfect Settings is getting more than your bargaining for! perfect-settings-venue.jpg