Am I there yet?

Did you ever have one of those days where you thought "I should really go back to bed and try this all over"? Well, today was that day for me. How frustrating. Nothing went right. I was sooo busy today I didn't have a chance to catch my breath. The contractors got here at 7am. I wanted to get down there and talk to them, take them coffee, take them some of the awesome corn bread my fabulous neighbor made me for mother's day. At any rate, none of that happened. I could go on for the next two hours about how everything was off today..... I'll spare you. I finally get downstairs at 1:30pm to say hi to the contractors..... they were just cleaning up..... if I won't be dog-goned.... they were almost done and they had the wrong blue prints!!! I would have been renting out bathrooms had I not went down. I think they knew by the size of my eyes that something was wrong. I took the steps two-by-two...found my prints and went downstairs. If they weren't plain clothes Mennonites he'd of cursed. I could see it. Poor devil. I left him with the prints and told him to call into the company. Mind you, (in their defense) I changed the plans maybe 7 times.... but I knew I wasn't in for renting bathroom space. It was just wrong. He knocked on my office door - 25 minutes later with a technical question. To top it all off... he was very nice to me... and I didn't want him to be.... I was having a bad day and misery LOVES company. He could of yelled at me and said "well, why the heck weren't you down here at 7" but he didn't. I asked what happened and he shrugged and said "they told me to fix it..... it was our bad" ;0)In the end - as I just had a revelation - maybe the working foreman was the one who had a bad day. Maybe he's home telling his wife what a type A I was all day and didn't come down to check on them. Isn't it funny how we put things into perspective? Sure hope tomorrow's a better day....... because Lord knows, I'll be here waiting for my FedEx package that should have been here last Thursday!!