Autumn. Don't you just love it? It's a time when everything gets confused. The trees want to bud and the flowers and bees don't know what's going on either. Early in the morning (not that I see that before 7:30 am) it's so cool that I wear sweats outside but by 10 am I'm burning up in this small office.I knew it was definitely Autumn when I went searching for my cup warmer. Anyone that knows me well knows that I sip my coffee - you people that drink coffee ought to be taught how to sip! Well after a whole lot of sipping, my coffee gets cold and I'm not crazy about microwaved coffee - not sure which is worse; cold coffee or bitter coffee. The perfect solution is the coffee cup warmer that you plug in. It's very similar to a potpourri burner, but not as hot - I wish I would have thought of the invention first. It's pretty ingenious. It helps people like me who like to sit down and get the work done without being annoyed over cold coffee. Pass the coffee, guys... I have the warmer in my office now!