Besame Cosmetics is in my listing of favorites on the right side here. One look on her site you'll see why. There's a saying in Spanish that says; the cheap always is expensive in the end. That's what happens when you cut corners. Besame Cosmetics is above what you find at the drug store. It was written about in Bride Magazine. I contacted the CEO to get her approval of the link and when we chatted she told me:Modern bride liked our lipsticks because they are small and can fit into a tiny bag for the bride to carry. They liked the reds for the more daring brides or the light pink for a more natural look. For gifts, we have beautiful trio sets that include a lipstick, a loose powder and a petite blush. Our signature compacts are also nice as wedding bridesmaids gifts, since they are refillable and made of metal that can be engraved.

How cool is that? I know I'd like a tube of lipstick with my name written all over it. I just think that's very chic and yet classic. Think about this when you're looking for a bridesmaid gift - or, heck, any gift. Also, I was intrigued by the fact that she named her business Besame. If you read my blog from April you know that I love the song Besame Mucho... which means Kiss me a lot. You will also know that I said Sanjaya sang the most beautiful rendition of Besame Mucho on American Idol. (that link wasn't available in April... check it out!) So, I was interested to know why it was named as such. Well, besides the obvious (you know, sexy painted lips) Gabriella says that just the name of the song and its origin of romance inspired the name. Pretty cool stuff.