I've been so bad about blogging. I often go through the day and say "I ought to blog that" and then totally forget about it. However, I spoke with a very funny bride today that gave me such a good belly laugh that I said to her "can I blog that?".... she said "I was going to work the other day and when I got there I said to them "you can't tell me they're flying all of the flags at half-mast for James Brown"... no, said someone, uh, President Ford just died" Gotta love her!! Thanks for the laugh. I finally got a minute to go through the new Knot magazine. I noticed that my Knot vendor party was featured in this month's issue. No, there's not a picture of me but there are amazing pictures of some of the highlights. There was not a picture of the cake or the favors - that were absolutely fabulous - and for that I'm sorry.