Cake cutting fees

Recently I did a gig at the Lancaster Science Factory - I helped plan their 2nd Birthday (Anniversary) Party. We were prepared to feed 200+ children and parents with birthday treats. During the planning stages it was suggested that we buy birthday sheet cakes. Because we were limited with volunteers and given the fact that the event was for children I suggested cupcakes. All kids love cupcakes. In addition, we didn't have to fool with cutting and serving... kids could just help themselves. They did and all was wonderful. The display was beautiful, simple and impressive with no fuss. Which is the segue here... when planning an event be sure that you think this process through. Some spaces will charge you to cut the cake - up to $2 per person, sometimes! If you're in love with the venue but not the cake cutting fee... cupcakes are a great alternative. Most cake bakers can make absolutely beautiful cupcakes. You could get mini wedding cakes too. The options are pretty