Centerpieces on a budget

Whether I’m initially contacted by a bride for planning, for an hourly consult or to rent my amazing facility, I always hear the one thing that holds true; “I never would have thought of that!” I take great pride when I hear those words. It proves that I am doing what my Purpose is on this earth. That said, I’d like to pass along a pearl of wisdom that I wrote for “The Look for Less” by Josie at… one something that you may not have thought of.Everyone (or most, I would think) knows that you can repurpose the flowers from the Ceremony for some blank spots at the reception. But what about repurposing the centerpiece? What do I mean? Well, what about taking a minute and calling all of those near and dear to you… (Start the conversation by saying “I don’t have a lot of time to talk…” if you don’t you’ll be on the phone forever!) ask if they have a special cake plate, cake plateau, compote or riser. Cake plates Photos courtesy of: Amazon, Style Me Pretty, Country Living, Vintage Indie, The Haystack Needle Ask those very women to make their most special and favorite cookie recipe and fill those cake plates with 2-3 dozen of cookies. Use these as your centerpieces… they will be the hit… trust me! Not interested in having cookie centers but would like something edible? How about cakes or cup cakes?

Cake plates Photos courtesy of Clara French

If that doesn't stir any excitement, not to worry, you could also use the cake plates as flower or candle bases. You could also mix and match with some tables having cookies, some having cakes, some having candles and the others having flowers. Just be sure that you are tying the wedding colors into the centerpiece.

Cake plates Photos courtesy of: Martha Stewart, Country Living, Ilovelolliblog Lots of family and friends want to help with the daunting tasks of wedding planning but don’t know how to ask or where they can be of help. This is a perfect fit from all perspectives.