Got ring - now what?

Courtesy of the Association of Wedding Professionals. "Twas The Bride"

'Twas the night before New Year's And all through the house, The girlfriend was angry She wasn't a spouse!

She hoped for the joy That Christmas would bring. But Christmas had passed, And she still had no ring!

They'd been together For over two years. Long-term commitment- That must be his fear.

She thought, "That's the reason That I'm still single. I'm breaking it off! Then the phone gave a jingle.

"Come outside," said the voice, And then went away. She opened the door, And there was a sleigh!

He wisked her away, Grinned like a fox Got down on one knee And opened the box.

T'was the first day of New Year Her eyes opened wide. "Yesterday, I'm a girlfriend. Today, I'm a bride!"

She started to panic "There's so much to do! To plan a whole wedding. What do I do?"

Reception hall! Caterer! Florist and tux! Save money, save time, And no acid reflux!

Video! DJ! Photo! Limousine & Gown! I won't have to be running All over the town!"

So she called her attendants To the shows they all flew. Ate catering samples And wedding cake, too!

And I heard her exclaim the planning's just begun, "What I need is a Planner So my headache is done!"

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