Here, drink this... it's from the fountain of couth.

We've been super busy with weddings and have only have had 2 weekends off this whole wedding year. We're in the middle of the second wedding season and it's been a whirlwind. But in the middle of all of this busyness I MUST take a moment to share this in hopes that you don't fall prey to the humiliation of this...Several weeks ago there was a wedding here. The Bride and Groom decided on a sweetheart table. Would you believe a couple came in and planted themselves there right before the introductions? What the Bride and Groom had decided was to go straight to the table and get ready for the toast. So instead they walked past the table and came to the bar. It was pretty awkward for everyone. I thought about telling the guests to move but the bride thought the guests would be mortified (as they should have been!) so they sat there all night. The champagne toasting flutes were on the table and it was pretty obvious to everyone else that they were at the wrong table but them. When they were leaving the guest came over with her husband and said; "Daisy, what a lovely space you have... and that tiny little table was so quaint, we loved it." So my peeps, if the room is set up with large tables of 8 or 10 and there's one little table set up for 2, please know that this table was NOT set up for you. It was a detail that was important to the bride and groom and they're hoping they can get a minute during dinner to actually enjoy each others company. Sweetheart Table