I should have thought of it first!!

Because I get tired of hearing Tony say "when are you getting rid of that junk?" a gazillion times a year, I decided to rent a storage facility.Mind you, it's not junk. It's stuff that I've gathered, over the many child rearing years, proving that my kids may want it for their kids. It's stuff like old teddy bears. Whit's dress up clothes. Baby dolls - mine included. About 1,000 match box cars. An old Chemistry set - how can I get rid of it since this spurred my son to be a Chemist?? Now that I have the sympathy of all mothers out there I have to ask.... why didn't I think about building a storage facility instead of a reception hall?? Have you ever even been to one of those things? I never had to; at my last house I had a basement and attic where I sufficiently stored all things that were out of Tony's sight. In a warehouse you don't have those privileges! UGH. Back to the storage... here is a large piece of land with rows of garages and garages. I'm sure not much spent on upkeep. Hand them a lease, say "buy a lock" and collect rent! How ingenious. I should have thought of that! BTW.... before we drove off (after the second trip of two van fulls - you know, the kids stuff in the back and the party stuff in the front of the storage!) Tony looks at me and says "don't come sneaking over here after a shopping spree with your sister from Target -either!" I gasped and said "I'm offended!" - in honesty... I never thought of it. Thanks for the heads up.