Painters welcome

We are all recovering from a full weekend of painting. What an awful job!! Thank God for paint sprayers... what a blessing in disguise on wheels.Yesterday when I was getting out of bed, I realized that patients who had been telling me for years "Don't get old, it hurts" really had some wisdom in those words. Your back doesn't forget anything! It's been screaming for mercy for 2 days now. I'd love to stay in bed past 8 am tomorrow but no such luck. Poor Tony has to feel worse. He did much more work than me. I promised myself I wasn't going to whimper at all this w/e but an hour before calling it quits I finally said "I can't roll with that huge roller thingy!!" I felt like my head was going to roll right off of my shoulders.... those ceilings are soooo high and far away. Thankfully, we are truly in the home-stretch. The brand new concrete sidewalks (a real source of contention for me) are being repoured tomorrow. The granite was to be delivered tomorrow but some poor soul dropped it and it cracked and broke in half. The shop owner called me today and apologized profusely. Jose, just add it to my list of chronicles for this book I'll write called: Never build a reception hall unless you own the town, the land, the state and all of its people.