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You bought the perfect wedding gown and adorned your bridesmaids in your favorite hue.  Everyone will look stunning!  But have you ever considered dressing your wedding aisle?  If you're the modern bride, however, the a traditional white wedding aisle may not fit your unique sense of style.

I've compiled some ideas that will help you think outside the box when it comes to your walk down the aisle.


The monogram became a symbol of high society during the Victorian period when it was adapted for personal use. The roots of the monogram give insight in to why people still love it now. Whether you take a classic approach to the monogram or a more modern one, you just can’t go wrong.  Monogramming your wedding aisle is an increasing trend that adds a sense of personal style and denotes a high-end quality.


The trend of printing on the wedding aisle doesn't just stop with monogramming, however.  Maybe, as a couple, you have a special connection to a song, a poem, or a scripture verse.  Share it with everyone.  Make it a unique part of your day by experiencing it on your walk down the aisle.


Get creative with a colored wedding aisle runner.  A color on your aisle will be a blend of style and taste that is sure to add conversation on your wedding day.  This trend is in high demand for celebrity weddings and featured in popular wedding magazines. Why not add that same bold taste to your wedding?


Since we are focused on non-traditional style--why not do something completely unique?  Ribbons, burlap, stones, pages of books, sheet music, and many other medians might just create the distinction you desire.  Your wedding should reflect YOU, so let's talk about what unique materials you could use to personalize your aisle.


Almost every ceremony includes flowers as part of its design.  Why not consider a petal pathway to your groom?  The possibilities of what to do with petals are endless.  Your guests will be envious that yours are the only feet to touch this fragrant work on aisle art!


And who said a wedding aisle has to be straight?

So, tradition holds that a bride enters last and walks toward her groom. Who wants to change that opportunity for a grand entrance? Nevertheless, the details from how you decorate the aisle are open to interpretation.

As your event planner, I'll help you determine how a spectacular entrance can happen for you.  With my vast connections to vendors, services and suppliers, I will also assist you in staying within the budget you can afford.  Contact me today for your free initial consultation!

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