Planning a wedding

Engagement ring

It's official... my little girl has gotten engaged. Although I'm ecstatic, I realize that I'm joining the masses of the daunting task of planning a wedding with my little beloved. We've been down this road before planning her Quinceanero. We had lots of time and lots of planning. I'm hoping that because Whit was turning 15, her undeveloped taste is behind her. We had too many things to choose from and, although she is quite picky, I don't think her taste had developed for princessery. Yes, that's a word - and I just made it up. If I'm going to trust my planning guide - which I've used for years and tons of weddings, I know that the first order of business is the guest list. Without a guest list you can't move forward. We all know this right? Not one decision can be made until you know the number of guests you're planning on inviting.