This has become a pet peeve of mine. Anyone else? I hate being somewhere that has posted "please turn off your cell phone" and then hear an obnoxious ringtone. I really hate when this happens during a wedding or at an event if someone is giving a speech.Whit's ringtone is a gospel choir and it sings: Someone's calling you, You've got a phone call baby So you better pick it up You've got a phone call bay-bay Please speak up!

I hate to say it but I actually like this one. Puts you right in church behind the pew. However, this is the only exception to the rule. I accompanied her to a photo-shoot and her cell went off and I could have killed her. So the time has to be right. I hate those tones that are really out there... like the other day Tony and me are at lunch and this little old lady - very conservative - is eating lunch with (what looked like) her son and daughter-in-law. Out from the Coach bag comes ringing a very loud salsa. It did make me chuckle but she couldn't hear it and so it went on until her son said "mom is that your phone?" She whipped out the blue tooth and said (really loud) "HELLO?" *sigh* I recently heard a ring tone that was that song "If I could change the world" but it really carried the "change" so it was; if I could ch-a-a-a-a-nge the world" - for heaven's sake.. you could change your ringtone!