Save Money With Your Lancaster County Wedding Reception Venue

When it comes to a wedding budget, everyone has things that they’re willing to compromise on and things they aren’t. Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, you may have to make one or two concessions to make ends meet. If you book the right Lancaster County wedding reception venue, though, that might not be the case! What if you could prioritize what’s most important to you by cutting corners in other areas? Here are a few ideas for how to save money as you plan your wedding:

Avoid Saturday Night: Saturday weddings are the most expensive. You can save money by having it on a Friday, a Sunday, or a weekday.

Have A Winter Wedding: Venue prices are lower from December through March. If you want an indoor reception anyway, why not have it in the winter?

Economize On Flowers: Talk to your florist on ways to make less expensive arrangements. Bear grass is a cheap filler for centerpieces, roses are affordable year-round, and carnations are some of the most inexpensive flowers there are.

Lancaster County Wedding Reception Venue | Roses Are Gorgeous And Frugal Flowers

Use Roses For A Gorgeous—And Frugal—Bouquet!

Save On Alcohol: People love an open bar, but hard liquor isn’t required. Free wine and beer are sufficient, or you can buy your own liquor. You can find a guide to buying alcohol for large groups of people here.

Find Alternatives To Dinner Service: Buffets are less expensive than a formal, sit-down service. If you want to forgo a meal altogether, you can serve hors d’oeuvres at an extended cocktail hour. Just make sure you notify your guests that dinner won’t be served!

Lancaster County Wedding Reception Venue | A Buffet Is Cheaper Than A Dinner Service

Choose A Buffet To Cut Back On Dinner Costs

Cut Down On The DJ’s Time: An iPod is no substitute for a DJ, but you can cut down on how long you book them for. Use your iPod or have a musician friend play during cocktail hour, and have the DJ start by announcing you.

Images courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker and Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts.