Hello there! I've been gone for some time for a multitude of reasons. However, I've listened to all of you that have dropped me a line to say that my blog has been stagnant. So sorry!Along with everyone else that I know, we decided to take a stay-cation that was close to home but far away enough from the business. We spent a week in Mt. Gretna and I can't tell you how spectacular it was. (I can't find any real good links - that's the reason it's so untapped, I guess) I can tell you that there was no cell coverage there... NONE. At any rate, with such a busy wedding and celebration season I hadn't gotten a chance to read through the business journals, business magazines and Oprahs that I had been accumulating... I took a stack about 2 ft high and.... unfortunately, brought them all back. *sigh* My time at Mt. Gretna was to relax and by God Almighty, I was going to relax. There's a section in the forest that has a little fairy garden in it. It's soooo charming - to say the least. It doesn't matter what time of the day you go you are sure to find little girls (and sometimes boys) sitting there having tea with the fairies - or the boys who call it tea with the gnomes. There's a journal on one of the benches that they keep in a plastic container and little people leave notes to the fairies... it was too darn cute. If you look closely at the first picture in the second set, there's a little girl there reading one of the journals. I think people come from all over to bring little tea cups to the fairies. I was at the Jigger Shoppe (an ice cream shop built in the 1800's) and I hear this little girl, of about 5, say to her dad; "Oh, Daddy, we must go see the fairy garden right now!" and he said "well, I'm not sure if I know where it's at" - obviously deviling her. She said "it's along this path right here" and Tony turns to me and says "that's why I can't have little girls, I'm no good at standing up to that tiny voice"... of course that Daddy was taking his little girl right away. Enjoy... mt-gretna-vaca_0.jpg



The last set of pics are Mt. Gretna living. The residency there is 50-50 of people that live there year-round and people that only have vacation homes there. Take a look at the community library. Talk about nostalgic. This whole little community puts you in mind of the the village or town where the movie Dirty Dancing takes place... remember that? The back woods, the foot trails, the play house, community room (where they show B&W movies!), ice cream shop... even the lake. It's all there at Gretna. What a great stay-cation!