Tagged to be Green

So I get tagged pretty often and I have to apologize here. If you've tagged me before and never saw me blog about it; I'm sorry. I have a huge number of irons in the fire and trust me, my heart was there and just busy trying not to get burned.I have to tell the world three ways that I contribute to the Green cause. 1. I bought an almost 200 year old warehouse. Everything that could be salvaged has been. All of the trim and molding are original to the building. We sanded the floors - I don't advise that for anyone who wants to remain married. We did not keep the windows - they were guillotines! I was afraid Tony or me were going to end up armless. We did, however, have the windows custom made and replicated to the original ones. They are UV protected so that my burgundy furniture won't be pink in 5 years. They are very air tight as well. 2. Small thing.... but I think about this often: as soon as my blackberry is done charging I unplug it. When that little green light is still illuminated that means energy and voltage is still being used. I get on my whole family about overcharging their phones, too. 3. I'm a water whore. I hate when people waste water so I don't do it. I run my dishwasher only when it's full and after 6 pm - off peak hours. I bought a very energy efficient washer and dryer that uses almost no water hence very little drying time. I'm right there when the clothes come out of the dryer and they get hung right away so that I'm not wasting energy ironing clothes... at least that's the excuse I give. 4. I know I said 3 but I wanted to add this... I burn only soy candles from Kozee Kandles. Not only do they burn extremely clean with no smoking they kick Yankee's butt! Kathy makes the best candles in the world! I would know... I've burned enough candles in my 40 years. On a side note, I tried finding Kathy's web site but couldn't find it. Her number is: 717-475-3813 - tell her Daisy sent you. Soooo... who's on my list to tag? Ashley at Cherished Gifts and Favors Nicole at Grand Events Lisa at Social Couture Gabriela at Besame - not even sure if Gabriela has a blog. The Film Maker: Todd Klick