The Historic Tour of Columbia and Wrightsville

The tour is finally over and it was totally awesome. We were out looking at other houses and met up with some friends who wanted to see our house so we came back. Well when we got here we couldn't get out! Everyone kept asking questions... I finally put my bag away and smiled and answered questions. I don't remember ever seeing that many people at one place that weren't prepared to cut-a-rug and toast the bride and groom. Not only that, I truly didn't think that our place was that intriguing.... I'm not trying to be humble. When we restored the place we didn't take into consideration all of those people who thought we should do things differently. We merely did what was best for us. I was very touched that so many people thought the place was fabulous. Also, it really made me happy to see that there were a lot of young people involved with the tour. For some reason I thought that mostly older folk were interested in architectural history but not so. I bet 1/2 the people that toured the building were in their 40s. ... Hey, that's still very young! Someday you'll agree with me! At any rate, Columbia will be featuring a Ghost Tour in October as well as a Christmas Lantern Tour in December. You should check it out! You will not be disappointed!