The new season has started!

img_0006.JPG Actually lots of things have just started... it's starting to get nice out (finally), I see a bee outside of my window so that means bugs are starting to come out (ugh!), spring fever has started (why does everyone start wearing shorts the very first day the sun says "hi"?) and last but not least... wedding season has just started - for me that is. My first wedding was this last past Saturday and as it happens every year... I'm hooked. My assistant couldn't join me this past Saturday and I had the pleasure of working with Whitney. I would much rather work with Whitney than to hire another assistant b/c Whit grew up in the industry and has probably been to more weddings than most people. There are just certain things you can't train a person on when it comes to weddings. Anyway, the logistics of the church were a nightmare. The church was this old Victorian/Gothic church which had the organist's back toward the pews. In order for the organist to know when to switch songs he needed a que from us. There was this little button on the back of the last pew. Well... I'll tell you what. That little button was very stressful. Whitney ushered the boys in from the front.... ran through the graveyard and in through one of the front doors to the pew while I stayed with the bridesmaids and bride. She pushed that god-forsaken button 2 times at very critical points - I pushed it 2 other times. At rehearsal Whit said "I think I should wear sneakers tomorrow" - but she didn't. No one was the wiser and everything went very well. 2 hours after the wedding - at the reception I asked Whit "how are your feet" she said "you know back centuries ago when they used to bind Asian girl's feet?.... that's what mine feel like right about now" Oh, Whitney.. taking after her mother even when she doesn't want to. She'd never admit it but she loves weddings as much as I do and mark my words... Whit will join the family business when she's not looking.