Wedding exits in style


Still no plug in for Wordpress and Windows 8 - but that's another post.

We were busy doing a sparkler exit the other day and I realized... if I weren't here, if my staff weren't here, this would be chaotic! So please when you are busy planning your event be sure that the small details aren't overlooked. Here's what you'll need: 1. Be sure to place the sparklers in something pretty... that goes for the matches too. 2. Buy the largest sparklers you can find. The life of a sparkler is very quick! 3. EVERYONE needs matches. 4. Make sure there is someone there lining up your guests. 5. Be sure someone has extra sparklers for the duds and people that have changed their minds! 6. Know what you're going to do after you exit! Are you going to kiss? Are you going back through? Are you getting in a car? Know the logistics. 7. After the sparklers are out have someone there with a bucket of water to douse your sparklers in. 8. Have someone there with a broom and dustpan. There is bound to be someone that's messy.

That's it... now go out and enjoy a fabulous exit!!