What a great party we had!

I finally can get around to talk about the party. What a great one it was. Considering that the party was nearly cancelled, I was very happy to have it. Our host of honor is, indeed, loved. The place was packed. The jazz trio was AWESOME - as always. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them! As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I don't have one picture of them. Hmm, have to do something about that one. Back to the party; I asked the wife early on if we needed a gift table - she didn't think so - well, we did. It was great. I think that one of the reasons people really poured out to support him was because the party was almost cancelled. I'm really glad you chose to stay with us, guy! The food was great and the waitstaff was fabulous - they never let me down. The Cosmo luge was a hit - I had a Cosmo at 11:30 at night - of course, after the party - no one wanted to see me sliding around the room - very good. I have to put cosmopolitans on the top of my mixed drink list - along with the other two that are on there. That's about all I can handle. By the way... I never got around to talking about the Sweetheart Banquet. Well I really have to give kudos to that one... it was fantastic. With cancelling and not cancelling the Cosmo party I never had a chance to check in here. Well, the food was probably the best catered I've ever had. Terry Sears made his fabulous fudge - which he then cut into hearts - a very big hit. Everyone had an awesome time - which I'm ecstatic about. I didn't get any pictures of the room after it was all set up but Whit did. This picture was taken in the middle of everything. Of course, I don't have the pics yet but when you check back (with the new web site under construction) I'll have them under "Sweetheart Banquet". Well, everyone asked if they can make reservations for next year. Sure guys but what about that soup party I'm having? All you soup people come join us with your best ever soup. Say good bye to the cabin fever for one night, bring your soup (enough for 6 people) and join us for an awesome time. I can have soup anytime of the year but my soup parties are always a great time in the dead of winter while spring is just starting to bud and bring us beauty. Contact me if you're interested in attending - we'd love to have you. My favorite soup is cheddar - broccoli!