What's your motto?

Hallmark sent me an email blast (don't you just love them... they make your blackberry sing all day long!) and they asked "what's your favorite motto?" There were great ones like; "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping", "don't talk to strangers" and I think the one that made me laugh was "don't eat the yellow snow" - alrighty then. So then I was asked for my favorite motto. I have a lot, like; "RSVP for crying out loud!" but the one I've been saying a lot lately is this; "what you do here, you'll have to pay for here" - it's a Spanish saying that loses nothing in translation. It's probably the same as "what goes around, comes around" but I like the operative word "pay" in my motto.So, I post my motto and tried to look for the forum where others have posted their's to no avail. The Hallmark site is very hard to navigate and I couldn't find anything about mottos. So much for trying to change the world.