Will that be Paper or Plastic, Ma'am? - how about CHINA!!

I can't believe in this day and age that we are even going to discuss this. BUT I've been asked quite a bit for the last couple of months about the pricing. I should also add that this may be because I own a reception venue.*sigh*


Ok.... the difference between having paper products at your special event and having china is actually a world of difference. Notice I didn't say wedding. There really should be no reason at all that you should be entertaining with paper on one of the most crucial and important days of your life. You've invested thousands of dollars on invitations, your wedding gown, flowers, band, photographer and a slew of other vendors to turn around at your reception and greet your guests with Dixie plates. I totally understand that budget may be a concern. Hire a coordinator! - a professional one who's had at least 10 weddings under their belt. A coordinator knows how to steal from Peter to pay Paul - always. The first thing they (should) say is: Well, why do you have 200 people coming to your wedding if you can't afford china? Anyhoooooo, I got off topic... back to China... last season I did a price comparison from china to paper. To entertain 100 people (and this is assuming you are renting this) renting china would cost approximately between $585 - $608.00 (I rent my china and linens for a little less than that but to be fair the numbers here are very accurate) to buy paper products of the same pieces it would be approximately $292.00 Basically you are saving 1/2. In the grand scheme of things, in 10 years are you going to remember that $300 that you saved?? Probably not. When is paper appropriate: Paper products are appropriate when you're having the most casual of casual affairs.... say a BBQ. I recently had a client that did a Texas style BBQ for a rehearsal dinner and they used paper products and it looked very good. But the whole event was very informal down to her favors. It was really very charming. I should add that the groom was from Texas. At any rate, don't run to the local Giant and buy Dixie.... if you ABSOLUTELY must, must, must, must, must have paper at an event could you please at least hire Party Plum??

Do it for me.... at least have all of the products match and could you (while you're at it) upgrade to plastic??