York County Wedding Planner | Theme Wedding Ideas

Everyone has their passion in life, but that doesn’t mean it matches their idea of the perfect wedding. I’m here to tell you that themed weddings don’t have to be cheesy! As a York County wedding planner, I can help you create a themed wedding that is refined and classy. A theme can make it really easy to plan a wedding. Let me know if any of the following ideas appeal to you!

Peacock Wedding

York County Wedding Planner | DIY Hydrangea Peacock Crown

Peacock feathers make stunning accessories.

I wouldn’t advise plastering peacock feathers all over everything if you decide you want a peacock wedding—instead, allow it to inform your color palette, and place feathers in one or two strategic locations.

The bride is the focal point of the whole event. The rich gold, purple, blue, green, and turquoise of a peacock feather makes the perfect accent to a white gown.

Chocolate Wedding

York County Wedding Planner | Chocolate Themed Wedding

When you have a chocolate themed wedding, dessert is king!

A chocolate-themed wedding can help determine your color story, but you’re not restricted to dressing your bridesmaids in brown. Accessories in a deep espresso look amazing with a burnt orange or an eggplant as the main focus.

When it comes to your reception, take the opportunity to go all-out on dessert! Try chocolate fountain, dessert buffet table, truffles as wedding favors, or all of the above.

Ballerina Wedding

A ballet-themed wedding provides a delicate palette, and comfortable bridal shoes!

A ballet theme is perfect for any bride who wants a soft and feminine look. Dusty rose, blush pink, and ivory are all great color elements. Best of all, the bride has an excuse to wear flats!

Images courtesy of Faylyne, Vegan Feast Catering, and MegsPhotos.com.