10 things to do before you get married.

In David Letterman style. 10: Confess your most hated possession of the other's and agree to donate both.

9: Screen your calls from your "wedding-planner" parents and friends.

8. Burp (or any other bodily function). It happens and you better just get over it already.

7. Toss your ex memorabilia.

6: Give each other foot massages.

5. Recreate your first date.

4: Write funny fake wedding vows and practice them. Like: I promise not to roll my eyes while you play your favorite Xbox game.

3: Spontaneously call in sick and spend the day together.

2. Practice your first kiss as man and wife.

AND the number one thing to do before you get married? ... drum roll...

1. Read the inscriptions from your high school yearbooks.

Now... fight nice.