To smash or not to smash...

That there, folks is the question!! There she was... a crying bride, blowing her nose as icing came out. True story. I can't imagine having the person that I vowed to spend the rest of my life with shoving icing down my nostrils. This, folks, is NOT charming... it's not cute... and more importantly... it's not respectable. I can see a little icing on the tip of his/her nose. I can see a cutesy finger of icing across his/her lips. I get it. What I don't get is the vicious smashing. I had a caterer once tell me that at his restaurant he charged extra for vicious cake smashings. I can see why. Cake icing eats the varnish off the hardwood floors. So if "to smash" is your answer please be respectful. There is a room full of paparazzi and they are documenting your time at your reception. The one thing you don't want people to remember about your wedding is; "did you see how violent they got with the cake cutting?" And believe it, your brand new spouse doesn't want to be the one at the receiving end. NO ONE wants to see it.


photo credit: Scobey Photo