10 things to do with your fiance before you get married!

I found this really cute article. It's probably 5 yrs old or more:10 things to do... 1. Read the inscriptions from your high school yearbooks. 2. Practice your first kiss as man and wife. (BTW... I always tell my brides this one!! - it's so important, people!) 3. Spontaneously call in sick and spend the day together. 4. Write funny fake wedding vows like: "I promise not to roll my eyes while you watch The Simpson's." 5. Re-create your first date. 6. Give each other foot massages (no cold feet here). 7. Toss your ex's memorabilia. 8. Burp. It happens, and you better just get over it already. 9. Get caller ID to screen calls from your "wedding planner" parents. 10. Confess your most hated possession of the other's and agree to donate both.

OK... wasn't that cute? I just love them. I'm on planner overload with wedding season quickly approaching. This weekend I had a Quinceanero that was booked here. They didn't procure my services for planning. The parents of the Quinceanera are from another country that doesn't hurry and hustle for a living. They were running behind and when they finally got here I was in fifth gear. Then I realized I was the only one moving fast and the only one that was anxious plus they really didn't need my help. Not everyone needs to have every detail to be exactly perfect... so I politely excused myself and allowed them to take their time and do it as they pleased.... in first gear. In the end it was simply beautiful and everyone was happy. I'm ready for wedding season.