Would my eyeballs hurt so much if they weren't so big?

That's the question for the week. I can tell when I'm getting sick because my eyeballs hurt. My son who doesn't have large eyeballs thinks this is weird. My daughter who does have huge eyeballs knows exactly what I'm talking about - BTW she knows about those air bubbles under the eyelids too! Soooo, my eyeballs hurt! I thought, yesterday, that they were hurting so much because I did a photo shoot for Whit (which, btw, was very painful in itself - when I was done with the shoot I went to the bathroom and saw I had a huge piece of an almond stuck between my front teeth! ugh. How come Whit didn't notice that? She claims she is being graded on lighting... these pictures are going to be just lovely) well she had me moving my eyeballs all over the place! I told her they were going to fall out of my head but she didn't believe me. So in addition to my eyeballs hurting, my throat (or like my kids used to say "my troat") has been throbbing for 2 days. I can safely say I think I'm getting sick. Out goes the theory that you can't get sick if you work from home. I think germs some how come to me, though - maybe through family and friends. I get sick few and far between - thank God Almighty, but this is the kind of sick I hate... hurting eyeballs (the worse in the world), face that throbs, throat kills, skin hurts, hair hurts... you know the kind. I'm going to bed and watch Opry. Hopefully by dinnertime I'll feel like living again. I have to construct my 40th birthday invites and am really looking forward to that. Maybe that's why I'm getting sick... I'm facing the fact that I will no longer own collagen, gravity will win (always does), metabolism will pack its bags and leave me and Author will come to visit the joints. Hello 40! Nevertheless, I look forward to it - not like 30 - and will delve right into my favorite thing in life.... CANDY for my party. But until then... I have to contend with the hurting eyeballs. .... funny, Tylenol doesn't have "hurting eyeballs" as one of their symptoms that they claim to relieve. I have to go on faith, take 2 Tylenol and hope for the best. I'll let you know how they're doing tomorrow.