10 Ways

I just spent an hour on LancasterOnline.com trying to find the article that was in today's morning paper about saving money on your wedding.... to no avail. The search engine is horrible. I probably could have scanned it in much faster but whatever.... get it if you want to read it. For the most part it's a good article. I did want to mention that although I agreed with almost everything.... (especially the plug about my girlfriend from highschool (Claudia) who writes the craft corner) .... in the article, I'm not really feeling the ipod wedding. We recently had one of those - against my recommendation - and I can really tell you, there was a huge void in the reception. Spend the extra money on the DJ or band. You won't regret it.... it's money well spent into the temporary investment you've come to call your wedding. Your ipod isn't going to read the crowd when everyone is yelling "play it again!". Take the time to write down your fav hits and make sure you meet with the DJ. Last and surely not least... hire a wedding coordinator - if not for the whole job just for the day of coordination! Nothing looks worse than a bride approaching the DJ or running around looking for trash bags!