4 Key Strategies to Help You Stay Organized

Whatever faces you this year, whether it’s planning a wedding or just a general feeling that you need to get your life together, here are some habits that will help you get organized and take on the world.

1. Follow a to-do list, and keep it up-to-date!

To-do lists helps you prioritize, which is especially important when you’re planning a wedding. Keep a running list of the important tasks for the day or week, and make sure you check them off as you complete them!

2. Keep your desk or workspace clear.

If you let your desk fill up with piles of paper, chances are you’re going to misplace an important document or drop the ball on a deadline at one point or another. Constantly sort through the papers that show up on your desk, and make sure they go where they belong. If you’re planning a wedding, it’s a great idea to have a binder with tabs and sections to organize your vendor contracts and other paperwork.

3. Prioritize!

Know what on your to-do list is truly important to you, as well as what can wait or go undone. In wedding planning, this means knowing which details you care about and which you should keep as simple as possible.

4. Always set aside some time for yourself.

Busy people (of whom brides are the epitome) often run themselves ragged trying to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. Don’t let this be you! Take some time for self-care every day so that you come back to your to-do list more energized.

Please shoot me an email to hear about how I can help you stay organized as you plan your wedding!