4 Ways to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

Summer is synonymous with wedding season-- and for good reason. Summer is a time of celebration and relaxation, which is just the mood you want your guests to bring with them to your wedding. Don’t let summertime’s scorching heat get in the way of your party! Here are some ways you can beat the heat and get the best that summertime has to offer. 

  1. Have a bucket of ice cold water bottles waiting for your guests at your ceremony. You could even make custom labels for the water bottles to help them go with your wedding theme. 

  2. Give your guests custom sunglasses that double as your wedding favors. Just make sure you have them set out at the ceremony venue so they can keep guests from squinting as they watch you walk down the aisle!

  3. Instead of handing out a traditional ceremony program, make your programs double as fans! Here is a link to a great DIY.

  4. Book your reception at a cool, air conditioned venue like Perfect Settings. That way, you can capitalize on summer’s natural beauty for your ceremony without risking giving your guests heat exhaustion!