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13-thank-you-in-book-louisa-podlich.jpg If it's one thing we are not at Perfect Settings, it's generic!  So, when a bride and I discuss how to say THANK YOU to everyone who will make her day special, we work together to think creatively about how to communicate gratitude in style!

Here are several ways to say "thank you" to those who need to know you appreciate their support on your wedding day.

1) A Wedding Favor


Not everyone would tell you that having a favor is a must, but to me--well, let's just say, it's a priority.  It's a simple way for you to give your guests a special THANK YOU gift.   It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but I do have some suggestions about what guests appreciate.  Hands down, the most enjoyed favors are edible. We can work together to find a creative way to give candy, cookies, seasonal treats, teas or coffees.


One of the hottest new trends?  Mini pies!  How cute and tasty is this thank you gift?

If you are choosing to give a non-edible gift, then it has to have some lasting appeal. It can be something you bought, or something handmade, but think long and hard about whether it is something YOU would want to take home and keep.

Like the idea of homemade or handmade items, but feel less than crafty yourself?  It's okay!  Online shops like ETSY have loads of creative and beautiful handmade items you can purchase for your guests.

2) Leave It At Their Seat


Leave a note at the seat of each of your guests.  It can be a sincere, handwritten note by you OR, if the thought of 180 notes seem daunting (because, it is!), you can still  leave something whimsical and heartfelt that communicates your gratitude.

3) Send It Later


After the wedding and the honeymoon are over, it's appropriate--even expected--to send a card to your guests and thank them for attending your special day, and--most times--for their generous gift.  Be creative!  A little advanced planning will do you well.  Have your photographer snap a "thank you" photo, so you can make a custom card.


Or...take a little shot with your own camera from your honeymoon destination.

I also recommend ordering return address labels or a customized address stamp before your wedding day.  That will make the envelop addressing much easier and you'll be sure your guests have your new address!

4) Give a Special Gift 


No, you don't have to give every person who attends your wedding something more than just a party favor, but you should give a gift to those who made your wedding day extra special.  For close friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and anyone else who played a particularly significant role in the day, you should consider sending a small token of thanks in addition to a thank you note. Some ideas include: a clutch purse, some luxury soap, personalized jewelry, scarves, wine, gift cards, spa treatments, and more!  (I could designate and entire blog to ideas on gifts--and maybe, just maybe, I will!)

5) Make a Video


Sometimes, actually hearing someone say, “Thank you,” can make all the difference. Why not take it a step further and create a special video of thanks for your friends, family, and those special people who helped make your day so important?

6) Pay it Forward


I love this idea!  Have cards at the table where guests can choose a charity of their choice where you can make a donation in their name as a way of saying THANKS!  It will show your heart of gold, and many charities will send your guest a letter letting them you've made a contribution in their name. If the charity doesn't you should acknowledge the donation somehow, once it is made.

 There are many more creative ideas I can suggest to a bride and groom for saying "Thank You."  It's always best to get to know each other so that we can determine the best, most personal, and affordable option for you!  Feel free to contact me today to start making plans for your big day.  I would love to help you as you step into your future together as Mr. & Mrs.

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