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record-300×290.jpg If there is one main theme to weddings these days, it's this: PERSONALIZE IT!

The classic weddings and traditions will never go out of style, but more and more brides and grooms are finding unique ways to share their individuality with their guests.  Their "guest books" are no exception.

In lieu of standing in line to put a signature on a line in a book, guests are now eagerly awaiting their turn to contribute their names to fun new twists on "look who came to our wedding!" ideas.  I'm sharing some of those ideas with you today.


Plinko My Heart

If you've ever watched the game show The Price is Right then you are familiar with the game Plinko!  This concept has a slight resemblance.  Guests sign hearts that are then slid into a frame to plinko down into the next open location.  At the end of the night, the bride and groom have a unique piece of artwork for their new home.


Get In the Game

Jenga, the tower building game, just got personalized!  Each guest can sign their name and include a message to the happy couple.  It could be marriage advice, a shared memory, a funny anecdote, or a treasured well-wish.  Not only will the couple enjoy reading through the game blocks, they'll also have fun playing the game!

Tip: To avoid lines and waiting to sign the pieces, put a piece at everyone's place at the reception--along with some markers--and have them do this during some down time at the reception.  Either create a location for them to drop off their pieces or just have them leave their game piece at their seat when they depart from the wedding, and your wedding coordinator (that would be me!) can collect them for you!


Leave Guests Puzzled

Similar to the game, this is a fun idea that will also provide something for the couple to do together later.  Guests sign the backs of puzzle pieces and put them into a jar or box when they are complete.  Later the bride and groom can read through the puzzle pieces as they assemble the picture.  Personalized puzzles can also be ordered--with a photo of the bride and groom or a special location.  Another fun idea?  Brides, let your "Guest Puzzle Attendant" order the personalized puzzle for you, so you and your groom will be surprised at the picture the puzzle makes once it's assembled. content-4.jpeg

Message In a Bottle

Smalls scrolls unroll for guests to write a personal note to the bride and groom.  Tie the note with ribbon to match your special day.  Then, drop the note in a bottle--as if it's about the be set out to sea!  This is a great idea, particularly, for a nautical themed wedding. decoration7270.jpg

Centerpiece It!

I love to help my brides create beautiful centerpieces where guests can hang notes of encouragement or marital advice.  There are many different ideas for how this can be done, but what I like about it is that it can be a budget-reduction idea, for those planning a wedding on tight finances.  The guest book and the centerpieces become one beautiful DIY project that makes your reception feel personal and fun! guestbook-alternative-heart-cut-out.jpg

Hide It In Your Heart

Or is it, "Hide Your Heart, In Your Book"?  How cool is THIS idea?!  Guests can sign heart shaped pages from a classic book the two of you love.  The heart tucks neatly back into the book!  If this is an idea that interests you, it can be created yourself or bought from a vendor on Etsy or other online stores. quilt-table.jpg

Sew In Love

If you, or someone you know, is great at quilting...the guest quilt is a beautiful and creative idea!  Guests can sign quilt pieces with fabric pens and the quilt can be assembled as a gift for the couple to be handed down through the generations.  How awesome would it be for your grandchildren to one day say, "This is the guest quilt from my grandparents wedding?" wedding-guest-book-alternatives-winery-wedding-venue__full.jpg

Put A Cork In It!

This is particular a fun idea for the wine connoisseurs out there!  If you happen to be someone who has saved every wine cork from each special bottle you've enjoyed, it's time to put them to good use.  Guests can sign a cork and add it to a jar or bowl.  Then, after the wedding, you can either display your guest corks in that same jar or bowl OR there are many DYI cork ideas to display your guest corks in really unique ways. wedding-guestbook-tree.jpg

Artfully Done

If you love art, then have your guests sign an original pieces of art that was created for your special day.  I really liked this tree sketch and how guests could sign along the branches, but any artwork would make a special guest book, as long as it is something you like. wedding-reception-guest-book-ideas.jpg

Enveloped In Love

Small card are provided for each guest.  Guests then place their cards in an envelop which has been placed on a board to make a creative art piece!  The bride and groom will have so much fun reading all of their notes. (After the honeymoon, of course!) a0106527e33fb3163f4d214b2877c39c_rwl2.jpeg

Thumb-thing Special

Thumbprint please!  Guests will add their thumbprint to your artwork, along with their name/signature.  If you've ever seen thumbprint art, the thumbprints don't have to be leaves on trees.  They can be ANYTHING!  And, if you love whimsy, buy a thumbprint book and have it at your guest signing table.  Inspire your guests to create their own thumbprint original artwork for you.  Just don't forget to have wipes for their inked up fingers--and a nearby trashcan to throw those wipes away!

So, there you have it!  More than a handful of creative ideas to get your mind thinking outside of the box.  Want to meet and talk about how to make your entire wedding a personalized, enjoyable day for everyone?  I'd love to hear your dreams and determine how we can work together to make them come true.  Contact me for your initial consultation today!

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