75% is a whole lot!

Ok, so I tell Tony that I'm going out to buy a red purse. Over the weekend I felt like I just couldn't live another day without a red purse. I call my sister to come with me - probably not the smartest thing I ever done. She tells me that the Bon-Ton is having their annual 75% off sale... whoa! Not only did I buy the infamous red purse (love it!), I ended up buying 2 Jones of New York bags - both well over $150 - and, of course, a pair of black shoes - and all under $70. When I got home the conversation went something like this:Why did you buy 2 bags when you were only going out for one? Well, because this bag is originally priced at $158 and it cost me $30. Besides that I needed a winter bag. But Dase, it's not saving money if you're spending money on things you don't need. True.... but I would have bought it for $158 in the winter. I'm just saving the money now. He looked at me like I had 5 heads. Men just don't understand.... BTW.... The Bon-Ton is marking everything down today to 80%!!! My sister was already there and has already called me... I think I need a new suit to go with those new shoes!