I thought I was patient!

Seems like the contractor was here and left.... he forgot his keys... do they still give you life for killing someone? C'mon!!!So I call the contractor. He says the dry wall hangers were here and left b/c they forgot the keys and couldn't get in. What's wrong with ringing the bell? I have a canine with huge ears - she would have heard them! I say - they have to come back. He calls them and tells me that they are down the road and won't come back. UGH!! AAARRGG!! I can't explain my frustration. I'm told they will be back tomorrow.... what the hang! I just lost a day of work b/c I live in a large warehouse and couldn't hear the light tapping on the front doors. If they wanted to work bad enough I think they could have read the sign that says "RING THE BELL!!!" Do me a favor.... in the future... ring the honking bell!!! Again, I ask.... do they still give you life for killing someone? - I stole that phrase from my mom.... I heard that maybe once a week as a teenager.