I could write about this myself but a friend and colleague did better, she blogged about it and shared it with me this morning. It couldn't be said any better than what Isis said here: "A very good friend of mine contacted me today to let me know that his friend was getting married in Vegas and he wanted to know if I had any recommendations, good links, etc. Quite naturally, I pointed him in the direction of Tracey Kumer-Moore of Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge, who is an extraordinary planner and quoted him her hourly rate. I recommended that his friend sit down and speak with her and after 2 hours or so, I’m confident she’ll be well on her way…after all-I live in NJ, I plan in NJ, DE and PA…I am clueless as to quality vendors in Las Vegas and it didn’t seem like taking my Vendors to Vegas was an opportunity his friend would be willing to entertain… Logical right?

His response- eh, not looking to pay for advice… thank you anyway though

Ok, someone please help me…

If you needed to defend yourself, you’d contact a lawyer; hurt-call the doctor; car breaks down-dial a mechanic…Not necessarily looking for “the cure” but some advice to lead you in the right direction so that you can narrow down just what the issue may be.

So…why in the world, when you are participating in what for most is the 2nd largest expense in your life, would you just “wing it”? I’m a bit confused.

I know there are authors who recommend not hiring a Wedding Planner and every magazine that you pick up these days shows you the easiest way to plan your big day. Can you do it-absolutely! It’s no secret; people have been doing it for years.

The difference is, when you hire a Professional Wedding Planner, someone who is trained in the field as opposed to the new generation of “wanna be’s”, you are paying for sound, expert knowledge in the SKILL of planning a Wedding. We have invested time and a substantial amount of money to research the industry and reputable vendors, learn the skill of negotiating, contract review and budgeting, execute the flawless movement of 300 plus people from one location to another, in under 30 minutes for a 5 hour event involving alcohol (and it’s liability), massive amounts of food consumption and on average 6 other vendors, on time and without complication.

After spending $30,000 to assure that you have the day of your dreams, $300 for a consultation to guarantee that you get what you are expecting, just doesn’t seem to compare.

I know that budgeting for a Wedding is extremely difficult and I am very conscious that as it gets down to the wire, money becomes the determining factor for a lot of decisions. I also have personally planned enough Weddings to know that when I do the last “fluff” of the veil and I lock eyes with my Client, in that moment of silent communication-we both agree that all of the time, dedication, effort and money spent to execute her vision, has just paid off-there are no regrets and no fear and she is ready to begin the next phase of her life.

This is why we do what we do. Believe me, it is a job unlike any other."

Amen there Isis, well said!!