Hot Topic

RSVPs....Definition: répondez s'il vous plaît (please reply) It's been the hot topic of conversation for the past few months - as it is every year this time of year. Every bride or hostess asks me at least once during planning... "why don't people RSVP?" I wish I knew. It just doesn't happen and even after the drop dead date people still send in a response card. Hear ye, hear ye!!! 1. RSVPs do apply to you. 2. The "respond by date" is there for a reason. We need to get numbers to the caterer. 3. If you respond that you are coming, please come. Because you said you'd come - no other reason. 4. When you said you are coming the host has paid for your plate - end of story. If you don't come they still have to pay. 5. Have some couth. Definition; showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth 6. If you can't come call well before the dead line so that we can take you off their payment list. 7. Calling in your RSVP doesn't count!! The host has already paid for postage. Write your name on the card and put it in your mailbox to be picked up by the Postman. It's that simple, people. 8. If your inside envelope has your name only that means you are the only one in your household that is invited. That's normal etiquette. Adding a name to the RSVP is soooo not cool. It puts everyone in an awkward position. 9. CHILDREN ARE NOT INVITED TO WEDDING RECEPTIONS. Unless otherwise noted. Don't call and ask if your child is excluded from this rule. They are not! ... there's that awkward position, again. 10. Choose what you want to eat... not where you are to sit!! I could elaborate on this but choose not to.... *sigh*

As you can tell, I'm very passionate about this. What's funny is that RSVPs should be the easiest part of planning and it, by far, is not. If you are invited to a party, wedding, reception, function or gathering.... have some couth... RESPOND. RSVP = répondez s'il vous plaît