Being MIA

No one really has to tell me that I've been MIA... check!, got it. Truth be told... I've been struggling with one of my book club friends and her diagnosis for the last 6 weeks. She had palliative surgery on Monday trying to buy her time and all of my book club friends were banking on her having that time to spend with her boys - and selfishly, us. She passed last evening. It's God awful.I've had some very beautiful feed back from clients/friends (no matter how hard you try to stay professional, people grow on you.) and colleagues... had to share this because life really is short and your presence and legacy live with people that don't even know you and that to me is amazing...

From one of my officiant and blessed colleague: “Father God, grief is the atmosphere right now. Please fulfill the words of Jesus who said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. We asked for your kingdom to come and Your will to be done. We prayed believing and the result is different than that which we would have preferred. However, we trust today it was more important for Jill to be in heaven than here on earth. Our logic argues with a “faith statement” such as this because of the love ones and friends that are left to pick up the pieces. I am asking that today and the days to follow that you will release peace and comfort in tangible ways to everyone grieving this loss. I pray that wisdom will come in measures that make each new decision easy. I pray that the enemy will not be able to touch any family member or friend as they step into this new season without Jill. God, it is hard to trust when things go wrong and I am glad that you understand that. Please forgive us for any unbelief and strengthen us through the Holy Spirit. You are God and Your ways are always upright. Amen”

“Cast all your cares upon our Lord and He will care for you” I Peter 5:7

From my last client of the year:

In her heart there was no quit that 's something we all know. And though we would love to hold her tight we have to let her go.

For her life on earth with us was through her journey had to end. But her memory forever lives on that you can depend.

There are few things left here on earth as precious as was she. So bow your head, say your goodbyes for God's angels set her free.

KAF 10.09.2008

Thank you to all of you who have rallied around my mental well being. Dase