Happy Anniversary!!

I have a few anniversaries coming up. It's awesome to feel a sense of accomplishment of another year of marriage. We focus on weddings so much that we tend to forget the anniversaries and anniversary parties. It doesn't need to be lush or lavish... just appreciative.I found this really cool web site totally dedicated to wedding anniversaries. How you like them apples? This week their focus is on parties. What I didn't like (them apples!!) was that you can't find an anniversary gift pertaining to your particular year of anniversary. So I guess I don't get a 22nd anniversary gift. I did find this site that helps with anniversary gifts. - they dedicated a whole site to gifts... I'm in the wrong business. BUT still no 22nd anniversary gift - even there. *sigh* Off the hook again!! HOWEVER.... upon further investigating... Sue used to call me Colombo ... there's this really, really cool site called Memory Lane that does a personalized art print of your life (or lives) together. Awesome and encouraging... maybe I will get something for my anniversary this year. Ok... confession; my hubby is really GOOD about milestone dates. He's never forgotten our anniversary... except for last year. Here's a pic of an anniversary party done last year. 50 years... whew!... now that's a honkin' milestone. hartman-50th-6-blog.jpg