Ben and Wanda's Wedding

Now that I finally have time to breathe, I can safely say that Wanda's wedding was absolutely beautiful. She was just ecstatic. - not to mention beautiful herself. The reception was held at Perfect Settings and I have to tell you - if I say so myself - it certainly was a Perfect Setting. The ambiance was perfect. The lighting was perfect and guests were perfect - well maybe not all of them... we were expecting quite a few less. I don't think I ever saw Wanda so happy. This was the very first time I was involved with one of my closest friend's wedding. I never had to before. So it was critical to me that everything be just perfect. Not only did I know the B&G I knew I had to see people I've known my whole life - quite different from working with clients that you've met within a year and have never met their guests - only by name. I reminded Wanda - quite a few times - that I was missing a coordinating symposium that I was supposed to attend down in Baltimore. Fortunately, it was well worth it.

*****I wanted to add the picture that Whit took during set up. perfect-settings001.jpg