Skipping Christmas

Who's with me? It seems that everyone I talk to is stressed that Christmas has successfully snuck up on us yet again. With having soooo many irons in the fire this year (yes, I got burned quite a few times!) I just feel like I can't do another stinkin' thing. Sure I'm jolly for the holly but who gave me the job to deliver all that honkin' holly? I soooo love Christmas (I know, you can't tell) I just think it came at the wrong time of the year this time! Last year at this time I was completely done with Christmas shopping, had all of my cards in the mail (BTW... I do Christmas cards every other year so don't feel slighted if you don't get a card this year) and most of my cookies baked. I can't even fathom going to any store... even if I didn't do cards every other I wouldn't want to do them and Pillsbury is looking mighty fine for my guests this Christmas. Oh, and did I mention I coordinated a wedding in 2 wks - for this Saturday - with an ugly cold trying to keep it's grip on me. Someone help me.... tell me that I am blessed and smiled upon... tell me I have 2 functioning arms and legs and that alone should suffice... if you can't tell me these things then you should at least consider coming down and unpacking ornaments; for crying out loud!!