Christmas Candlelight Tour

The Columbia by Candlelight tour is set for Saturday from 3-9 pm. The tour is also known as the Ghosts of Christmas Past Tour - but you know me... I don't do ghosts. There are 9 sites on the tour... including the Odd Fellows Hall - that's us people. There are really cool sites on as well. Tom Hermansader is on the tour this year. If you aren't from Lancaster County you probably aren't familiar with Hermansader art - unfortunately. However, Tom is a very gifted artist and for years Tony has been buying me art work from Tom. He's famous for doing all of the art at the Lancaster Square. At any rate, Tom lives in a beautiful Victorian Mansion here in Columbia ... I'm dieing to see the inside. It's simply a beautiful structure and I'm really wanting to get there - that is if I can get out of here for a few minutes.Others on the tour have Historical relevance as well and there will be more than 100 costumed hosts from the 1840's through the 1950's. (This won't include me.) BUT what's really cool is that there will be a lot of "living window" displays downtown as well as having a chance to have a carriage ride. My place will have a remake of a Victorian ball down in the ballroom. There will be actors in costume redoing all of the dancing and all of the things they did at balls back then. My house is open for the tour and for crying out loud please come and make me feel like all of my Christmas tree decorating wasn't in vain. We have 4 trees up - yes, the 2 footer does count! and if I have to string another set of lights I'm going to scream. Ticket information: Tickets can be purchased at the Market House the day of the tour for $15. but if you buy them in advance they're $13. Call Christine Horn at 717.442.1702 to purchase tickets. I guarantee that if you come you will be pleasantly surprised of all of the history here in Columbia. I didn't get a chance to blog about the Lantern Tour in October - aka: Ghost tour... again.... anyway it was one of the most awesome experiences seeing your town through the eyes of all of those who've walked before us. The acting and the choreography was spectacular.