My Son The Chemist

On Monday I had the extreme pleasure of going to hear Anthony's dissertation for graduation. He did his talk on "Photochemical Process of Biphenyl and Ortho Derivatives" The talk lasted for more than 30 minutes and it's a good thing there wasn't a pop quiz because I can guarantee that neither Tony or me understood one word of his dissertation. We were proud parents nonetheless. At one point I got the giggles because it just seemed like Anthony was talking another language... I mean that. I had no idea what he was talking about!Anthony asked me to make cookies and brownies. No problem. For how many? I asked. About 100, he replied. Problem. Thank God for Pillsbury! This all came in the wake of decorating for the tour (see below). Even with the help of the Dough-Boy it still took a few hours to make all these cookies and brownies. The first few pictures are of his peers descending upon the cookies. The other pictures are of Anth talking. I couldn't take a ton of pictures b/c Anthony was getting embarrassed. Shucks. It didn't help that my camera makes that electronic snapshot noise. It was pretty funny. anthonys-diss_0.jpg


There's one picture of Dr. Iannoe who was Anthony's mentor. Dr. Iannoe worked with Anthony for over a year doing research and theories with Anth. I know Anthony appreciates him - we do too since Anthony's finally ready to graduate after 4 1/2 years of hard work. Dr. Iannoe told us after the dissertation that Anthony had come to him for a topic and he gave him one. After a few days Anthony came back to him and said that he didn't think the topic was challenging enough... imagine that. This topic must have been challenging enough for Anthony to tackle because if it weren't I think I would have been able to decipher at least one paragraph of Anthony's moving lips...