Columbia at night

Yesterday was just awesome. It was probably close to 50 degrees. I slept until 10:30 am - which I never do.... or seldom do. We had a Scottish dance group here on Saturday night and there was a member outside playing the bagpipes. Bagpipes have a way of bringing tears to your eyes. Anyway, the dancers were awesome - I have no idea how they remember all of those steps. This is probably why I only free-style dance. The town was participating in the Christmas Lantern Tour which always is a huge success. This year was no different. I would suspect that we had between 60-100 people.... most of them really in the Christmas spirit and departing with a hearty "Merry Christmas!".... so very nostalgic. I served hot chocolate that was a huge hit and I got to talk to lots of people at my bar. Things like this remind me of why I got in this business to begin with... people from different walks of life really pique my interest and I simply just like talking to them. I took pictures of Locust St. that has been lined with lit snowflakes. Which I love! Everyone in town has been talking about them, too. The picture is a little dark but forgive me for wanting to get off of 441 with Turkey Hill trucks zooming by! Tony's nerves were wrecked. hee-hee. So here's the picture, and I'm still alive.